Mountain on the Moon by ENORME Studio

Rethinking new ways of making a city.

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Every day we all become increasingly aware of the need to improve our habits and the collective awareness about our environment, although nonetheless our cities—gigantic and vast—are often far from reflecting this change of paradigm. It is urgent that, as citizens we contribute, along with different players like designers, public institutions, brands… and to start to collectively rethink new collective visions for our cities, which can regenerate the urban landscape in a way cohesive with people and their environment.

▼装置全貌,view of the installation

以此为着手点,MINI 和 Enorme Studio 共同完成了一项装置设计,并将其展示于马德里Plaza Santa María Soledad Torres Acosta广场中。MINI 和 Enorme Studio是致力于公共环境和全民参与性设计的年轻公司,此次他们利用可再生能源,将这一公共空间装置以公共会面功能服务于城市居民。该装置内将设有USB插孔和由太阳能照明的读书角,市民可以在此利用动力能源对设备进行充电。这一全新功能和创新想法将有望缓解日常的电力压力。

For this reason, MINI and Enorme Studio, a young design firm specialising in the public space and participative dynamics is making an original proposal, with an installation situated in the mythical Plaza Santa María Soledad Torres Acosta in Madrid. This installation, in addition to being a meeting point for design and the city, will concern itself with the use of renewable energies. It will have USB charging points and reading points lit by solar energy, as well as the possibility to charge devices with the kinetic energy generated by movement. This new habitable and efficient equipment will try to work on the most pressing challenges of daily life.

▼市民与装置的互动,interactions between people and the installation

▼动力能源为装置内部提供电力支持,users have the possibility to charge devices with the kinetic energy generated by movement


多年来MINI一直植根于Malasaña社区的多种创意活动。如今在该装置中,MINI Hub将面向全体市民开放。装置内的活动将以设计师与公众探讨未来城市设计为中心展开,如“Bench a Day”活动将探讨城市建筑小品设计,交互式城市空间设计,公共活动实验空间,以及各种形式的未来城市辩论。所有活动都将围绕城市设计,并以跨学科和跨时代的协作为前提进行讨论。

For over a year MINI has been in the Malasaña neighbourhood with its space open to creativity, the MINI Hub, which is now opening up to the outside with this installation. The inside will be invaded by meetings between designers who are rethinking new ways of making a city: city furniture workshops entitled Bench a Day, which will develop new ideas for urban benches; talks on interactive urban stages; new public space laboratories; and talks-debates on how cities of the future will be. All these activities will handle urban design and the city as their main topic to work on in a collaborative, trans-disciplinary and intergenerational way.

▼以探讨未来城市生活为活动核心,the activities are focusing on future city  making

Montaña en la Luna装置展示了一种可移动、易接近的设计师工作室平台,凸显了设计师需与城市居民一同协作完成城市设计的核心理念。这一系列努力都展示了MINI致力于改善城市生活,合理使用城市资源的决心,完美契合其“创造性的空间利用”的品牌宗旨。

Montaña en la Luna represents an opportunity to experiment based on the idea of a designer office and portable architecture, on the street and close to users, with which any and all new proposals for cities of the future must be co-designed. This new endeavour by MINI is framed within its objective of improving urban life, contributing to a rational use of resources and maximising the motto ‘Creative Use of Space’ inherent to the brand’s DNA.

▼夜景,night view

▼外观组织示例,the organization of the components


Designers and curators: ENORME Studio 
Client: MINI España / MINI Hub 
Madrid Design Festival 
Collaborators: Builder CARRSA / Solar Energy and Interactivity Systems
CREÁTICA  Gardening Greener and the Other Side
Photography: Javier de Paz GarcíaLuis Alda 
Place: Plaza de Santa María Soledad Torres Acosta / Madrid
February 2018

More: ENORME Studio ,更多关于他们:ENORME Studio on gooood

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