MOON – Christmas lights 14/15, Gran Via, Madrid

It will produce a feeling that is getting closer or closer to the moon – farther and farther from the moon.

Project Specs

摄影师Miguel de Guzmán给gooood分享了他最近拍摄的西班牙马德里Gran Via大街圣诞节月亮灯饰。这些灯饰由Ben Busche/ Brut Deluxe设计,一共31副挂副,这些挂副就像是快速翻书而形成的动画那样,本身是一个整体。街上的观众在在大街上行走或者行车,会产生一种离月亮越来越近或者相反方向–离月亮越来越远的感受,这种体验只在街道这种特有的线性交通下才成立。更多请至:Brut Deluxe on goooodMiguel de Guzmán on gooood 


Our installation, called Moon, was designed specifically for Gran Via by commission of the City of Madrid. It consists of 31 different light motives that, as a whole, acts like a flip book at urban scale of 31 images. Instead of flipping through the pages with the thumb to produce a primitive cinematographic illusion of motion or animated pictures, with Moon it is the spectator itself that creates this effect by moving himself along the street.

Instead of a typical Christmas light installation, consisting of a determined design which is repeated n-times along a street, we created an installation that changes at each point of the route that is perceived completely only with time and by displacement.

The sequence of images represents a trip to the moon. Additionally to the displacement of the spectator, the installation utilizes the specific topography of Gran Via with its respective rises from each end; at Plaza España and the crossing with Alcala Street and its most elevated point located at half way, between the Telefonica Building and Plaza Callao. In so doing, the sequence of light motives produces an effect of approximation (zoom in) to the moon, coinciding with the rise of the street, and inversely, of departure (zoom out) with the descent.







design: Ben Busche/ Brut Deluxe
client: City Council Madrid
constructor: Ximenez SA
area: Gran Via, 1300 m length
year: 28 Nov 2014 – 06 Jan 2015
photography + video: Miguel de Guzman  gif: brut deluxe
team: Philip Baumann, Elisa Luda
status: temporary/ build

MORE:  Miguel de Guzmán   Ben Busche/ Brut Deluxe,更多请至:Brut Deluxe on goooodMiguel de Guzmán on gooood 

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