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来自 RINN 对gooood的分享。
Appreciation towards RINN for providing the following description:


Beautiful see-through cat tree


We started by asking ourselves if it might be possible to design recreational cat furniture to fit well to Architectural modernism or art museums. The natural marble base is an innovative idea that goes against conventional design norms in the cat tree product category. The overall tree design, incorporating high-quality, natural materials and a practical yet artistic approach, makes good use of each material’s inherent characteristics as well as masterful techniques. 


Designed to feel your cats at anytime


This vertically oriented piece covered in natural wood offers a private space for the cat while serving as a decorative interior object that fits seamlessly with its surroundings. The spaces in between each cylindrical post provide glimpses, and thus convey the mutual presence, of both cat and human, maintaining a furtive connection between the two for a greater intimacy.





We use domestically grown oak, beech, maple and other wood primarily from the forests of Hida, applying each type for different purposes and in specific locations based on individual material characteristics. The warm feel of the wood materials is pleasing to both owners and cats alike.




Kvadrat was established in Denmark in 1968 and has deep roots in Scandinavia’s design tradition. Kvadrat holds the leading position in Europe’s high-quality contemporary textiles market. Kvadrat supplies architects, designers and private consumers across the world with textiles and textile-related products.


Hemp Cord and Marble


At RINN, we use white marble excavated in the Drama region of northwestern Greece. This marble’s white color is permeated with grays that seem to flow gracefully throughout. We have wrapped the pillars in hemp cord to create scratching posts, using high-quality, made-in-Japan hemp cord from a company with more than 100 years of history behind it. 



Product name: Modern Cat Tree NEKO
Dimensions (mm): 628 (W) × 628 (D) × 1,822 (H)
Country of origin: Japan
Weight: approx. 30 kg
Materials: Greek marble, Japanese hardwood, Textile by Kvadrat, steel

More: RINN


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  2. 光看猫了(⊙﹏⊙)b

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  4. 点开该公司主页,果然奴颜婢膝。全是喵产品!!!

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