The rolling surface softly corrugate, thus creates a visual aesthetics.

Project Specs

Appreciation towards MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY for providing the following description:

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无论任何年龄的参观者,都能在该装置中本能地找到与其互动的方式。他们或将身体挤进一处凹陷的结构,将自己的身体恰如其分的融合进装置中。在Minima | Maxima装置中,来访者将会被带入一个非同寻常的,带有科幻色彩的空间,在这里人们可以重拾对未知世界的好奇心,激发人们探索世界的冲动。在这个如幼儿玩耍空间的装置里,来访者可以随心所欲,放飞自我,摆脱感官世界对我们的束缚。

Why, among visitors of all ages, does it seem instinctive to engage the structure playfully? For instance, to tuck one’s body inside a pleat at the base, assuming a contorted curved form that matches the structure itself. To be inside Minima | Maxima is to be transported to a strange, future, science fiction world, removing us from ourselves and finding within a sense of naive wonder. The project is radically different than the built environments we know. The impulse is to explore, to visually wander. Transformed into a childlike state, visitors can do so without the pretense of reference or concepts, employing instead the potent investigative powers of our senses.

▼带有科幻色彩的装置全貌,the installation bring visitors to the science fiction world

装置延续了MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY对双曲面形态下的超薄材料自支撑结构研究。这个由设计师所打造的古怪结构,其稳固性完胜拐角结构。无数结构分支四散开来,令支撑柱和梁本身显得无关紧要。网状结构贯穿装置内外,打破了我们对传统围合性空间关系的认知,装置的入口和各空间节点均靠自应力支撑。装置外表为6毫米超薄铝板,比蛋壳还显轻薄。装置结构下卷曲的外表,柔软而轻盈,于地面浮动而起,产生一种视觉上的过渡之感。从褶皱的装置基底到平滑连续的双曲线表面,最终实现了其庞大又柔美的装置外貌。

The project extends MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY’s research and development into achieving structural integrity through ultra-thin, self-supporting structures which find their strength in the double curvature of their form. In the whimsical yet durable universe the studio creates, curves win out over angles; branches, splits and recombinations make columns and beams irrelevant. A ‘networked’ surface rolls in, on and around itself, transforming into a space that obscures our preconceived notions of enclosure, entrance/exit, and threshold, while also providing its own support to stand up. The surface is ultra-thin: 6 mm aluminum. If an egg were scaled up to the same height Minima | Maxima, it would be much thicker. Towards the base of the structure, the rolling surface begins to softly corrugate, its zig-zag angles gently rising into a full pleat as they meet the ground platform. The visual threshold of this transition — from pleated base to smooth and doubly-curved, continuous surface — is subtle, yet its structural effect is significant in achieving the height of 43′.

▼柔软轻盈的卷曲外表, the rolling surface softly corrugate

▼打破了传统的空间围合方式,obscuring our preconceived notions of enclosure


The project is a multiply composite: three layers of flat stripes — white and white sandwiching pink — are constructed in tandem, supporting one another as they assume curvature and gain height. One layer never exists independently, but contributes to and benefits from the unified whole. The stripes of each layer move perpendicularly from one another, creating an anistropic composite material (structural property of composite depends on direction) from an isotropic material, such as aluminum (properties of material are mostly the same in all directions).

▼条纹板构架与解析,stripe building and shedding


The system warrants comparison to fiber technology — such as carbon or glass fiber — yet is unique in that unlike fibers, each individual component does not need to be in tension (a straight line), and/or their processing does not require any mold or temporary scaffolding. Also such a composite system is mechanically bonded, allowing for recomposition and corrections during construction.

▼层层拼接的装置细节,detail of the components



▼夜色中的装置,installation in the night

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