Mima Light by Mima Architects

Simple, practical, full of minimalist sculpture

Project Specs

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MIMA Light是一款工厂生产,现场快速安装的模块化建筑产品,能满足旅游用房,临时住宅以及度假屋的需求。共两种尺寸选择:9米长与12米长的。

MIMA Light简单,实用,充满极简主义雕塑的美感。建筑底部采用反射底座,深色的上半部分主体就仿佛漂浮在场地中。内部同样优雅舒适,唤起人对家的向往。

MIMA Light is the ultimate achievement in modular construction, combining an outstanding lightness with an iconic and minimal image. This home seems to levitate above the ground due to the lining of the base with mirrors.


Inspired by the minimalist sculpture of artists such as Donald Judd, John McCracken and Robert Morris, the new MIMA Light aims to be epitome of sophistication, synthesizing a surprising combination of sculptural depuration and interior comfort.





Outside, a sober and sharp object can be appreciated from any angle – so light that it seems to levitate. Inside, the comfort of a uniform coating in pine – combined with the elegance and minimalism of the details, the chromatic choice and the quality of components and materials – results on a very seducing home.




MIMA Light is simple to produce and more practical to achieve than any other Mima product. This module is completely produced and assembled in factory and then transported to the local site, ready to be implemented. It is perfect for a market sector that covers tourism, temporary homes and vacation homes. This house is available in two sizes: MIMA Light and MIMA Light Plus, with 9m and 12m length, respectively, and it is currently distributed to all countries in the European Union.



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