Mi Casa Your Casa by Héctor Esrawe + Ignacio Cadena

To experience the world in unique, whole and valuable new ways

Project Specs

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Mi Casa Your Casa证明了联系的永恒本质。它从一开始就旨在激活亚特兰大高级博物馆与其附近地区的全新联系,既改变了公共空间、也在周围社区之间建立起了纽带。在入驻亚特兰大后,该装置开启了流动行程,先后被放置在不同国家和城市的多个博物馆、街道和公共公园。更为特别的是,它还能为一些因2017年墨西哥地震而流离失所的家庭提供庇护。

As we are slowly going back to the streets, we have the need to create and discover better ways of reintegration to our social life, reignite meaningful connections, enjoy family and friends and share new ideas.

Mi Casa Your Casa has proved the timeless essence of connection, since its beginning it was set to activate a new relationship between the High Museum of Atlanta and its neighborhood, not only transforming the public space but building a bond between the community surrounding it. After being in Atlanta, the installation became itinerary and was placed in several museums, streets and public parks in different cities and countries. At a certain moment it also worked as a relief becoming a temporary refuge for some families that lost their homes during the earthquake of 2017 in Mexico.


This installation activates public spaces through emotional and playful design, it shows the value of human interaction, the tendency to socialize is behind and at the core of the project. Shaping integrated communities is a major task that needs to be tackled with imagination, an open mind, and most importantly, a co-creative and playful spirit.


We chose the most basic shape or pictogram recognizable by all audiences, one that will relate to the idea of warmth, comfort, safety & welcoming. Because of its shape, the installation has the possibility to be reconfigured in multiple scenarios and be able to host multiple activities but considering the recommended distance. The essential principle of activation we create that which enables us to inhabit, to play, to make music together, to observe ourselves and each other, to learn, to celebrate; to live and experience the world in unique, whole and valuable new ways.

设计未来意味着将想法付诸实践。Mi Casa Your Casa是一个强烈而微妙的几何形状符号,它协助团队打造出了一个极具标志性、可灵活调整且能与观众持续对话的独特作品。

Designing the future means bringing ideas into action. Mi Casa Your Casa is a strong and subtle symbol in a geometric shape that will allow us to build a unique iconic piece, one that creates a continuous dialogue with audiences and capable of continuous changes and mutations.

Installation / Esrawe + Cadena / 2014
Concept and Creative Direction / Héctor Esrawe and Ignacio Cadena
Project Direction / Javier García-Rivera
Prototype / Magsa
Production / Disemo
Design Team / Esrawe Studio + Cadena Concept Design Team

Visualization images /
Render / Swings, 10 modules: Think b / stock.adobe.com
Render / Night, 9 modules: アンタレス / stock.adobe.com
Render / Empty structures, 24 modules: Watman / stock.adobe.com
Render / Accessories structures, 24 modules: Francis Valadj / stock.adobe.com

Photography / Courtesy of Atlanta High Museum of Art, José Ignacio Hipólito, Sergio Bejarano

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