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The four-eye well in the West Lake Scenic Area of Hangzhou, where the project base is located, is a hot spot for tourism in the scenic area and the source of the development of residential renovation projects in Hangzhou. The project has a rare independent green forest landscape in the scenic area. The owner hopes that the project will have its own unique architectural style, and at the same time, it can incorporate the surrounding landscape to the greatest extent, and become a yoga activity place with an unforgettable experience.

▼项目概览,overview © Allen

▼入口立面,entrance facade © Allen

▼底层接待空间室外特写,Closer look of the reception space on the ground floor © Allen


The original building of the project is a three-story European-style house. How to transform this building into an ideal place for yoga activities?

▼项目改造前原状,before renovation © 微筑设计工作室


The designer starts from the function of the building to carry out the design concept: Yoga is an activity where the body, mind and spirit are harmoniously blended. While giving a soft and healthy impression, it also shows the practitioner’s control over physical strength and coordination. . The design is inspired by this state of activity. It uses curved surfaces with a sense of soft lines as the structural elements of the appearance. At the same time, the junctions between the curved surfaces collide with nodes with a sense of strength, making the appearance of the building present a blend of softness and strength. White paint is used as the material for the façade, reflecting the surrounding dense woods, showing a pure and quiet overall temperament.

viewing the project from surrounding environment © 微筑设计工作室

▼建筑外观,exterior appearance © 微筑设计工作室

curved surfaces with a sense of soft lines as the structural elements © 微筑设计工作室

water landscape in front of the building © 微筑设计工作室

▼立面细部,details of the facade © 微筑设计工作室

▼阳台细部,detail of the balcony © 微筑设计工作室


The curved lines of each facade of the building are mirrored and staggered on the upper and lower adjacent floors, which increases the agility of the style. At the same time, the outsourcing lines block the thick lines of the original European-style building and interpret it for the project. Unique style characteristics.

▼建筑的上下相邻两层镜像错落,The curved lines of each facade of the building are mirrored and staggered © 微筑设计工作室

▼独特而灵动的风格特征,Unique and etherealized style features© 微筑设计工作室


The interior space design strives to be concise, using ivory white micro-cement as the main decoration material to cover the main wall, roof and ground, so that the entire space is integrated, eliminating the sense of depression caused by the large limitation of the original structure and the low floor height . It is embellished with solid wood floors, wood veneers, glass tiles and other materials to create a warm and pleasant internal environment for yoga activities.

▼室内休息厅,lounge © Allen

▼室内瑜伽私教室,yoga studio © Allen

▼室内特写,Interior close-up © Allen

▼室内走道,hallway © Allen

▼楼梯,staircase © Allen

▼一层平面图,ground floor plan © 微筑设计工作室

▼二层平面图,first floor plan © 微筑设计工作室

▼三层平面图,second floor plan © 微筑设计工作室

项目名称: Met Yoga 瑜伽馆设计
项目设计 & 完成年份:2020 12 & 2021 06
主创及设计团队:王军 陈栋
客户:Met Yoga
品牌:外墙弹性涂料 微水泥 木饰面板

Project name:Met Yoga studio design
Design:Fine_Arch design studio
Design year & Completion Year:2020 12 & 2021 06
Leader designer & Team:Wang Jun Chen Dong
Project location:The four-eye well in the West Lake Scenic Area of Hangzhou
Gross Built Area (square meters):500
Partners:Hangzhou Weiyi Interior Design Co., Ltd.
Clients:Met Yoga
Brands / Products used in the project:External wall elastic coating, micro-cement, wood veneer

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