Media building for the VRT by Robbrecht en Daem architecten & Dierendonckblancke architects

This park building is embedded in the variable topography of its site.

Project Specs


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这是一座公园里建筑,透明的钢化玻璃和黄铜色的电镀铝框架围合成的建筑深深地嵌入到基地复杂的地形之中。建筑每一面的设计都与不同的环境相呼应。北侧体量让建筑与城市肌理紧密地结合在一起,长长的立面强化了公园的纵深和两次世界大战军人公墓 “Ereperk der Gefussileerden”的严肃与庄重。

Clad in a crystalline skin of structured glass and brass-coloured anodized aluminium frames, this park building is embedded in the variable topography of its site, the different sides each responding to a different context.  Whereas the long facade addresses the longitude of the park and the frontality of the ‘Ereperk der Gefussileerden’, a military cemetery for both World Wars, the northern volume anchors the building in the urban fabric.



Divided into a ‘Head’ and ‘Body’, the volumetric appearance of a tower and a slender main volume emphasises the emptiness in-between the central event square and the new-to-discover park chamber. From here a multifunctional pedestrian passage emerges.

As a covered space, this passage – call it  ‘a square’ – can accommodate a book market, a philharmonic concert, the setting for a television show, or simply be a welcome shelter from the rain. Head and Body are almost symbolically connected through one continuous storey, housing the newsroom.



At the south side of the building, stacked galleries form an open, non-acclimatized space alternated with open balconies that serve as informal workspaces, in addition to the formal ones.

These ‘formal’ workspaces are situated in one continuous volume throughout the upper floors, with alternating double-height ceilings, allowing natural daylight to infiltrate deep into the building.

The different television or radio studios are positioned according to their function and use. Some are on the level of the logistic flows. Others are connected to the park and the public lobby, or situated in the immediate vicinity of the newsroom.

▽ 平面图,plan

Program: Media building for the VRT, Flemish Radio and Television Company
Client: VRT
Location: AugusteReyerslaan 1043 Brussels
Date:2015 –
Status:1st prize competition entry 2015,ongoing
Floor Surface: 55,000 m2
Design Team: TBM Robbrecht en Daem – Dierendonckblancke – VK – Arup
Architects: Robbrecht en Daemarchitecten, Dierendonckbanckearchitecten, Paul Robbrecht Hilde Daem, Johannes Robbrecht, Alexander Dierendonck, Isabelle Blancke
Assistants:WimVoorspoels, Barbara Deceuninck, CornéSchep, Pierre de Brun, Simon Ceuterick, LennartVandewaetere
Landscape Design: Bureau Bas Smets
Interior Design: Muller Van Severen
Consultants: Structural engineer, VK Engineering and Arup
Services engineer: VK Engineering and Arup
Acoustic engineer: Arup and VK Engineering
Façade engineer: VK Engineering and Arup
Fire engineer: VK Engineering
Lighting engineer: Arup
Security engineer: Arup
Quantity surveyor: Grontmij
Visuals: Make Me
Model: Made by Mistake

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