Maryland Heights Community Recreation Center by CannonDesign

To deal with the harsh acoustical environment of an adjacent highway

Project Specs

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Maryland Heights社区活动中心坐落于圣路易斯西部,旨在为社区居民提供良好的文体活动空间。建筑沿着城市的环路分布,与Maryland Heights的户外水景公园相连。通过改善空间的质量和活动区域的丰富性,新的活动中心成为了居民们的首选目的地。“我们在发展方案时与市政府进行了密切的合作,他们相信这座建筑能够成为社区中的一座地标,并且能够连接城市的未来。”项目的主持建筑师及CannonDesign的设计总监David Polzin说,“只有通过多方群体的合作,才能得到真正创新性的解决方案。”

CannonDesign is proud to share the Maryland Heights Community Recreation Center, a new hub for recreational sports, wellness, and civic engagement located in this west St. Louis community, is open. Situated prominently along the city’s beltway and adjacent to Maryland Heights’ outdoor water park, the Center offers a prominent destination for residents with significantly improved space and a greater variety of activity areas for community use over their former facility on the same site. “We worked very closely with the City Council in developing the design. They believed in the power of this building to be an icon for the community and one that would speak to the future of the city,” said David Polzin, design principal for the project and CannonDesign’s executive director of design. “Lesser foresight from a different group would have yielded a far less innovative solution.”

▼建筑鸟瞰,aerial view


The requirements of creating a destination center for the community – while achieving it in a hospitable way that mediates the harsh environment of the highway – and preserving usable green space are satisfied in a single architectural ploy of lifting the ground plane and nestling the building into the landscape. This creates a sheltering form while maintaining an occupiable berm that points toward the park.

▼建筑师对地平面进行了抬升,并将建筑置于景观之中, the ground plane was lifted and the building was nestled into the landscape

▼夜景,night view

“项目最大的挑战同样也是最大的契机” Polzin补充道:“建筑位于高速公路旁边,声学环境十分恶劣,其噪声级别可以达到90分贝,接近于一一个喷气发动机。通过改变建筑的造型和位置,我们最终打造出了一个“声影区”,它能够阻挡来自高速公路的声音传播,同时将噪声级别削减至原来的一半。这一策略为建筑赋予了更加与众不同的特质。” 建筑的平面呈现出有机的弯曲形态,围合出一个入口广场,使来访者在进入建筑时能够远离公路的喧嚣和拥堵。与此同时,透明的立面展示出社区居民活动和娱乐时的场景;游泳池位于建筑南端的圆形场地,能够充分地将阳光引入室内。

“The project’s greatest challenge is also its greatest opportunity,” added Polzin. “The building’s proximity to the adjacent interstate highway presented an enormously harsh acoustical environment with noise levels upwards of 90 db, nearly equivalent to the noise of a jet engine. Through the shaping and siting of the building, we were able to create an “acoustic shadow” disrupting the propagation of sound waves from the highway and cutting decibel levels nearly in half. This strategy opened up the possibility for a very expressive architecture.” The building makes an organic inflection in plan that further shelters the entry plaza to the pavilion, thus protecting the entry experience from highway noise and traffic. At the same time, the transparent façade reveals the public life of the community engaged in its activities of wellness and recreation. The indoor pool is prominently on display in the bulbous south end, maximizing access to sunlight.

▼曲线型的体量轮廓围合出一个入口广场,使来访者在进入建筑时能够远离公路的喧嚣和拥堵,the organic profile further shelters the entry plaza to the pavilion, protecting the entry experience from highway noise and traffic


▼游泳池位于建筑南端的圆形场地,能够充分地将阳光引入室内,the indoor pool is prominently on display in the bulbous south end, maximizing access to sunlight



The gymnasium occupies the tallest interior volume, its eastern façade clad in a translucent triple-walled polycarbonate façade employed to control noise and glare while also providing natural light by day and the qualities of a glowing lantern at night. Meeting rooms and a preschool are nestled in the lowest portion of the form and have a private courtyard carved in the rising ground plane. In total, a variety of community functions are integrated inside and out of this lifted landscape form.

▼体育馆东立面上的半透明聚碳酸酯板在夜晚呈现出灯箱般的效果,the translucent triple-walled polycarbonate façade provides the qualities of a glowing lantern at night

“项目的创新性在于建筑通过自身解决了功能和环境的双重问题,” Polzin解释说:“平面上的弯曲变化不仅为社区活动创造了更多户外空间,例如可以举办手工艺品和农产品的展销等等,也使得这些活动能够远离来自公路的噪声和压力。”

“The innovation stems from using the building itself to solve not only issues of program but also issues related to the environment,” Polzin explained. “The plan inflection creates outdoor space for community events such as craft fairs and farmers markets, and shelters those activities from the overwhelming noise pressures from the adjacent highway.”

▼场地平面图,site plan

▼首层平面,plan level 1

▼二层平面图,plan level 2


Official name of the project: Maryland Heights Community Recreation Center
Location: Maryland Heights, MO
Size: 91,800 SF
Completed: 2017
Architecture Firm: CannonDesign
Design Principal: David Polzin, AIA
Photographers: Gayle Babcock, Peaks View LLC, Mark Kemp

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