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万众瞩目的Marrickville图书馆兼展览馆已于今年8月开放。该项目由BVN事务所设计,融合了前沿的科技与可持续性,是一个多元、开放、包容的全新社区空间。“为了迎合Marrickville这个多样化的社区,新图书馆在满足人们好奇心、为居民提供学习地点的同时,也可以用于举办许多大型公共活动。”BVN的项目总监Brian Clohessy说。

The much-anticipated BVN designed Marrickville Library and Pavilion opened in August 2019. The new library is a diverse and accessible community space, with a cutting-edge design incorporating technology and sustainability. “Catering to Marrickville’s diverse community, the new library will be a place for curiosity and learning. It will allow for a range of great community activities and public events,” said BVN Project Director Brian Clohessy.


图书馆位于一座历史悠久的建筑当中,曾经是Marrickville医院。既有建筑在经过翻新之后成为了新图书馆的一部分。该地点现被称为Patyegarang Place,位于Marrickville和Livingstone路的拐角处。规模宏大的折叠式屋顶模仿了旧医院的设计,看起来就像是悬浮于道路上方。细长的木柱支撑着屋顶的大部分,同时还提供了一条通向相连道路和小径的隐蔽通道。街道旁有一块占地1200平方米、装饰着公共艺术品的下沉式草坪。在这里,人们可以远离公路噪音短暂休憩。草坪连接着图书馆的主入口、展馆和一家由Double Roasters经营的咖啡馆。

▼多根木柱支撑着悬浮的屋顶,同时还提供了一条通向相连道路和小径的隐蔽通道顶,Elongated timber columns support large sections of the floating roof and provide sheltered public thoroughfares to the connecting roads and smaller lanes on the site

▼模仿了旧医院设计的大型折叠式屋顶,an oversized folding roof that mimics the design of an old hospital

Once the home of the old Marrickville Hospital, the heritage building has been retained and restored as part of the new library works. The site, now known as Patyegarang Place, is located on the corner of Marrickville and Livingstone Roads. An oversized folding roof, emulating the old Hospital roof behind, acts as an exclamation point for the main public forecourt on Marrickville Road. Elongated timber columns support large sections of the floating roof and provide sheltered public thoroughfares to the connecting roads and smaller lanes on the site. Below street level sits a 1200m² landscaped, sunken-lawn with public artworks. This space provides an oasis, a sanctuary from the noise of the surrounding main roads. The lawns connect to the main library entrance, the Pavilion and café run by Double Roasters.

▼下沉式草坪,the sunken-lawn


Upon entering the library, visitors are welcomed into the main atrium. Natural light illuminates the space through triangular skylights that throw light across a stretched fabric ceiling. A three-storey void creates a sense of openness and provides visibility across the major spaces and circulation routes. A large timber auditorium stair guides visitors up through the building and offers a place to sit, read, work or meet.

▼图书馆中庭,自然光通过三角形天窗照进室内,on the main atrium,natural light illuminates the space through triangular skylights


Buzzing spaces of activity such as the children’s area are located on the ground floor of the library. This space is specifically tailored for little ones with its low-level shelves for visibility, a reading pit complete with a mini auditorium stair for school groups and story time, as well as hidden reading nooks. This area also opens out to an engaging and fun 100m² enclosed junior playground, perfect for carers to keep an eye on their energy-fuelled charges.

▼开放式阅读区域,open reading area


The three-storey internal atrium has perimeter seating and accesses views across the library via sculptural curved balconies. The upper floors of the building host the library’s significantly expanded collections. A variety of reading and study spaces are available for all ages and stages of life, including a teen area, reading room and bookable meeting/study rooms. A suspended bridge with views to the site’s surrounding laneways and lawn connects the first floor of the main library building to the two-storey Pavilion. The Pavilion provides a range of hireable AV-equipped multi-purpose spaces and a catering kitchen.

▼弧形阳台可以看到图书馆对面的景观,the sculptural curved balcony

▼从三层阳台向楼下看去,look down from the third-floor balcony


Unused since its closure in 1991, this opening marks a new life for the previous Marrickville Hospital. It now houses the main library collection, council and library staff office spaces, along with outdoor reading areas on external balconies. Every effort has been made to retain and restore the heritage-listed building with many of the original hospital features including tiling, floorboards, terrazzo flooring, brick, window frames, and ceiling beams remaining. Generous floor to ceiling windows link the new library spaces to the old building, establishing unique vistas from the inside out. A long, narrow skylight runs along the roofline of the hospital’s original slate tiled roof, which directs sunlight into the main atrium – a literal ‘light’ touch to respect the form and articulate the materiality of the heritage building.

▼狭长的天窗沿着医院原有的石板瓦屋顶延伸,a long, narrow skylight runs along the roofline of the hospital’s original slate tiled roof


‘Incorporating a building as historically rich as the old Marrickville Hospital, and developing it into a piece of contemporary architecture, to meet the needs of Marrickville’s diverse community, was a truly rewarding project for us,’ said MrClohessy. Timber finishes on the building exterior and interior spaces provide a warm and calming background for the many activities the library plays host to.

▼夕阳下的建筑一角,a corner of the building at sunset


The new library is also a progressive model in terms of sustainability. Design features such as natural and mixed-mode ventilation systems, raised flooring and controlled solar gain through roof overhangs and external sun shading are significant design features of the build. Rainwater collection tanks and low maintenance planting are environmentally friendly. The use of renewable and recyclable materials including 27,000 recycled bricks, 10km of recycled/FSC certified timber, as well as the adaptive reuse of the hospital building make this a front runner in terms of considered and practical sustainable options.

▼折叠式屋顶悬浮于道路上方,a folding roof hangs above the road

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