MAPS by Giuseppe Stampone

Revive perception where the collective abrogates the solitary individual.

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▼Games of Children, 2013

The Maps by artist Stampone are painted by BIC pens. They coined a dictionary of global education. In the era of internet, it is convenient for people to share their knowledge and experiences. The artist would live in a district for a while and collect information from the locals under certain Tag to be integrated on the world map. There are over 10,000 images in the maps listed in alphabetic order, corresponding with individual experience and participation. The maps reflected social, economic and politic events happened at different time in different places, bringing up with popular issues among people, like war, women right, etc. Though the world is uneasy and one’s experience is limited, people could expend their personal boundaries and build up connection with the collective world through global education. Thus they could review their life in a new dimension. In the world of conflict and disaster, the challenge is to spread information and ensure it could be discussed. People have the right to learn more about the world and embrace the differences.

▼Atlantis, 2015

▼Phallic erection, 2014

▼IL CIELO È SEMPRE PIÙ BLU (The Sky Always Gets More Blue), 2013

▼Games of Children, 2012

▼Global Dictature, 2012

▼Made in Italy, 2012

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