Malva / Martin Jakobsen

Hold the flowers.

Project Specs

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We love flowers. They bring us a freshness and beautiful aroma. Sometimes it happens that blossoms are all around the vase. Malva is different at first sight! It holds flowers inside the glass and for that reason there is no untidiness.



Its geometric shape was inspired by Czech Cubism. Members of this movement realised the epochal significanceof the Cubism of Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque and attempted to extract its components for their own work in all branches of artistic creativity. Czech Cubists distinguish their work through the construction of sharp points, slicing planes, and crystalline shapes in their art works. These angles allowed the Czech Cubists to incorporate their own trademark in the avant-garde art group of Modernism.


用玻璃保护鲜花的想法源于法国作家兼飞行员Antoine de Saint Exupery的著作《小王子》—我最喜欢的书籍之一。作者采用童话的叙事方式,明喻和隐喻遍布全书。尽管小王子爱上玫瑰,对她呵护备至,但他慢慢发现花儿是在利用他,最终小王子决定离开那个星球去探索剩下的宇宙空间。



The idea to protect the flowers behind the glass comes from the book The Little Prince written by French writerand aviator Antoine de Saint Exupery. This book is one of my favorite because it is full of metaphors and similes,which are presented in the form of fairy tales. Although the prince fell in love with the rose, he also began to feelthat she was taking advantage of him, and he resolved to leave the planet to explore the rest of the universe.

The design is based on the contrast between the combination of organic and inorganic material. Malva is an innovative product which becomes a solitaire piece of splendour.


Design: Martin Jakobsen, 2014
Producer: Semiramis (Italy)
Photo: Tomas Mikule
Location: KONSEPTI

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