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Ma Lin Aesthetics Space Of Life is located in an industrial park in Binjiang, Hangzhou. Ma Lin is an online original clothing design brand based on ramie. The director hopes to create a space combining product and experience, so as to better show ma Lin’s life aesthetics to guests. The first floor can be used to display clothes, hats, jewelry and handicrafts from all over the world. The second floor is a comprehensive office area with conference hall, office, broadcast room, warehouse, customer service department and other functions.

▼项目外观,external view of the project


The curved body at the entrance and the cement wall are interspersed to simulate the state of drilling into a ramie bush, forming a unique and novel visual sense. As a display area, the interior space area is connected with the door frame of the box, which subtly blurs the space boundary and integrates the interior and exterior.

▼连接入口和展厅的盒子,box connecting the entrance and the exhibition area


Before the renovation, the space was an ordinary office warehouse. After conception, the designers Shen Mo and Zhang Jianyong used the thinking of “building in the house” to rationally divide independent and interconnected blocks, so as to meet the customer’s needs to the maximum.

▼展览空间概览,overall view of the exhibition area


Combined with the clothing making concept of Ma Lin, the designer applied it to the space. Through the analysis and evolution of the shape of ramie plants, an architectural block was created, just like a plant full of architectural sense was placed in the space, which was combined with the functional characteristics of each part of the internal space and allowed to grow freely.

▼独立又相互联系的区块如同房子中的建筑,independent but connected blocks creating building in the house

▼入口一侧的吧台,bar beside the entrance

▼展示空间,exhibition space


After observing the rolled-up state of ramie leaves, the designer integrated the arch structure into the space to add interesting points and shape sense to the space. The primary colors of wood and gray paint combine to create a plain tone, giving the color of nature.

▼拱形增加空间趣味性,arched wall enriching the space

▼拱形墙面细部,closer view to the arched wall


Inside the space, is a jewelry display area, specially customized modeling display cabinets and stairs are combined together, you can freely enjoy the display products. A jagged staircase mimics the edges of ramie leaves, leading up to a jewelry studio.

▼珠宝展示区入口,entrance to the jewelry display area

▼体块内的珠宝展示区,jewelry display area in the blocks

▼珠宝展柜与楼梯相结合,jewelry display cabinets combined with the stairs

▼拱与楼梯细部,details of the arch and the stairs


Designers in the space laid layers of steps, not only to enhance the sense of shape but also as a display and rest function. Passing through the door frame to the reception area, the large-area display wall places the handcrafted items that the owner has salvaged from all over the world. An outdoor courtyard is designed to lead to the office area on the second floor, where artisanal workshops and afternoon tea activities can be held.

▼拱门连接会客区,一侧为展示墙面,arched doors connecting the reception area with display wall on one side

▼被拱门分割的桌面,table divided be the arched door

▼透过拱门看向展示区和会客区,view to the exhibition and reception area through the arched doors

▼会客区,reception area

▼连接会客区和二层办公区的室外庭院,outdoor courtyard connecting to the office area on the second floor


Designers will be the nature of space to the extreme, the use of hemp cloth for the top to do artistic modeling installation, space grade and brand culture complement each other. The office was designed with simple and natural wabi-sabi as the tone, showing Ma Lin’s attitude towards oriental aesthetics.

▼办公区,office area

▼围绕洽谈区的走廊空间,corridor around the communication area

▼一层平面图,first floor plan

▼二层平面图,second floor plan

设计单位:杭州时上建筑空间设计事务所 AT DESIGN
主案设计:沈墨 、张建勇 
软装设计:悦+Deco house邓雯倩

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