Luken Kids Line by LUKEN

Ecological friendly furniture made of recycled plastic bottles.

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LUKEN is a designer furniture brand, created and produced in Mexico. All our pieces are made of recycled or ecological materials.

▼巢桌,mesa nido ©Marta Kowalska

Luken Kids Line是一款户外组合家具,阳光、水或调皮的孩子都无法破坏它。这款家具全部由回收再利用的塑料制成,设计师希望通过它增强年轻一代的生态保护意识。

The Luken Kids Line is made up of assemblable and outdoor furniture, resists the sun, water and even children! We want to promote an ecological awareness in the younger generations and that is why we use boards made of 100% used plastic.

▼家具材料经久耐用,the material could resist sun and water ©Hernan Peña


We use boards made of 100% recycled plastic, due to the nature of the material the furniture is resistant to water and sun, making it ideal for use in gardens and even on beaches.

▼理想的户外家具,ideal outdoor fueniture ©Hernan Peña


▼摇椅,mecedora ©Marta Kowalska

▼巢桌,mesa nido ©Marta Kowalska

▼矮桌,mesa ©Marta Kowalska

▼Valchromat办公桌,Escritorio Valchromat ©Marta Kowalska

No chemicals are added in the manufacturing process of our materials, after cutting the boards, the result is flat pieces that are simply assembled in the client’s house. No nails or glue are required. Products can be sent to all parts of the world and flight services are not expensive due to our flat pack packaging.  Each piece of this collection recycles approximately 600 polyethylene bottles, plastic that is found in packaging of detergents and cleaning products.

▼家具在不同场景下的使用,furniture used in various environments ©Marta Kowalska

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