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非常感谢Quentin de Coster予gooood分享以下内容。更多关于他的精彩作品:Quentin de Coster on gooood.
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LOOP is a minimal candle holder whose design comes from merging diameters of tea light candles and ordinary candles. It provides just the right space for those candles, allowing you to combine them in one object. Crafted from cast iron LOOP has a durable rustic surface and is available in five beautiful colors.

烛台可以盛放茶烛和普通蜡烛两种不同直径的产品,LOOP provides just the right space for tea light candles and ordinary candles.


烛台有五种颜色供人选择,There are five beautiful colors to choose.



直径:长6.8cm x 宽4.6cm x 高2.2cm
摄影师:Quentin de Coster

Material : powder coated cast iron
Dimensions : W6,8 x D4,6 x H2,2 cm
Colors : black, gray, orange, blue, green
Year : 2017
Photos : © Quentin de Coster

More:Quentin de Coster .更多关于他的精彩作品:Quentin de Coster on gooood.


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  1. emmm。。反而刻意限制了蜡烛的尺寸,稍微做大一点不就什么尺寸都放的下了?

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