LIKO NOE by Zdeněk Fránek

An office building combining ecology and structure, getting energy solely from nature.

Project Specs


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项目位于Slavkov u Brna,是一个家族企业的创新中心,由建筑师Zdeněk Fránek和科学家合作设计完成。建筑采用了实验性结构,所需的能源全部来自于自然,建筑用水也是通过水处理系统独立获得,不需要依靠市政供水。

Experimental structure in Slavkov u Brna is one of several buildings by Zdeněk Fránek, that have been created in partnership with scientists. The task was to develop an innovation center for a family business. A structure that will operate solely on energy gained from natural resources and using water independently thanks to its natural water treatment system.

▼ 建筑外观,立面长满植物,融于自然之中,external view of the building, green facade merges into the nature

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Architecture Description


Architecture of the building presents dichotomous conception of space increasing its effect on a spectator through its duality. The spectator has a feeling of entering an entity connected with earth and its essence visually represented by large wheels full of greenery.

▼ 建筑立面长满植物的巨大圆盘,the large wheel with plants on the facade

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The structure is comprised of two main volumes. Above-ground office section is constructed from load-bearing wooden CLT panels, insulated by a vapor-open sprayed ICYNENE insulation and covered by vertical gardens – living facade. Underground section with acoustical chamber is built out of monolithic concrete.

▼ 平面图,建筑由两个体块组成,plan, the structure is comprised of two volumes

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Inner construction equals the outer structure. Heaviness of the construction is negated by its truthfulness and all that remains is spatial experience with the horizon fluently interlaced through vistas from the inside out.

▼ 室内构造与立面呼应,办公空间流畅通透,interior construction equals to the facade structure, creating open and fluent working space

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Minimum of material types lays the foundation of formal purity of an environment optimal for focused laboratory work.

▼ 地下室由混凝土浇筑,设有设备间,basement is composed of concrete,  containing equipment space for the architecture

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▼ 用料简洁,创造不受打扰的实验室环境,minimum material creates an ideal laboratory space without disturbance

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Ecology and Architecture

LIKO NOE可以说是生态建筑典范,在建筑和工作环境的生态性上获得了许多成功。建筑中使用自然热稳定系统,在尽可能少对周边环境产生影响的前提下,利用自然资源进行采暖和降温。人工湿地水处理系统实现了雨水和废水的循环利用,而通过光热墙面加温的建筑底土则大大提高了热泵的效率。

LIKO NOE can be seen as an exemplary project among ecological approaches toward architecture and work environment. It utilizes so called natural thermal stabilisation. The building is heated and cooled primarily using natural resources with emphasis on minimal impact on the surroundings. It uses constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment, that repeatedly processes rainwater as well as wastewater. The subsoil of the building is heated through photothermal wall, which increases efficiency of the heat pump.

▼ 湿地水处理系统,wetland water treatment

1-external6 wetland_LIKO NOE_BoysPlayNice

▼ 水处理分析图,water treatment analysis

10-water analysis_LIKO NOE_BoysPlayNice

▼ 建筑耗能分析图,energy analysis

10-energy analysis_LIKO NOE_BoysPlayNice


This approach proves, that art and science need not exist adjacently, but they can permeate one another. At the genesis of the design was the determination to encompass maximal quantity of ecological criteria. And those have then become the main subject matter.

▼ 建筑表面种有不同植物,颜色随季节变化,既生态又美丽,various plants on the facade which colors change according to seasons, being ecological while meeting aesthetic requirements

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The ecological principle in no way stands out of the building, it is not demonstratively paraded. Instead it becomes one with the structure, it becomes its very architecture.

▼ 生态与建筑合而为一,融于自然之中,ecological principle became part of the architecture, merging into the environment

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Address: Liko-Noe, U Splavu 1419, Slavkov u Brna
Author: Zdeněk Fránek – Fránek Architects (Brno)
Co-authors: Libor Musil (Liko-S), Michal Šperling, Dalibor Skácel
Budget: CZK 15 mil.
Built-up area: 249 m2
Building volume: 1 300 m3
General contractors: Liko-s, Icynene, Novatop, Michal Šperling (constructed wetland wastewater treatment), Skanska SK (monolithic concrete), Dalibor Skácel (heat pump, ventilation, solar technology)
Investor: Liko-S
Project: 2014–2015
Completion: 2015 (27 days)
Photography: BoysPlayNice

Drawings: Fránek Architects
English text: Fránek Architects
Chinese text: gooood

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