Lescaze Chair by Trueing Studio

Glass brick as supporting element

Project Specs

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Lescaze座椅的设计灵感来源于建筑师William Lescaze的现代主义手法:1934年,他在纽约东48街的联排住宅改造项目中首次将玻璃砖元素引入美国。Lescaze座椅巧妙地利用了玻璃砖的透光性及其结构上的完整性,使其成为支撑结构的一部分,并在阳极氧化铝椅身的配合下呈现出微妙的光影效果。

The Lescaze Chair references the architect who introduced glass brick to the United States in 1934 with his seminal modernist townhouse renovation at East 48th Street. Much as William Lescaze valued glass bricks for their light transmission and structural integrity, Trueing has deployed the material for support – a stabilizing leg that filters and plays with light as it bounces off an anodized aluminum seat.

MAKER: Trueing
ORIGIN: United States
DATE: 2019
MATERIALS: Anodized aluminum and cast glass brick.
DIMENSIONS: W 17″ x D 14″ x H 24″ 
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