Legs by Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte

Infinite extension of the steel structure

Project Specs


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Legs is a collection of unique furniture for the contemporary home; asymmetrical powder coated steel structures.

▼Legs家具集合,由不对称的粉末涂层钢结构构成,Legs as a collection of unique furniture are made of asymmetrical powder coated steel structures ©MikoMikoStudio


▼Legs系列中的桌椅组合,the table and the stool in the collection of Legs ©MikoMikoStudio

They’ve made their way into a new space: a room that is familiar to you, but causes them to hesitate. Their legs freeze on paths to destinations unknown. They are stilled in time. What has brought them to your home? As you approach, you begin to notice that their limbs extend to corners of the room that you left unfurnished and were quick to forget. What are they showing you? Your legs mingle with theirs to walk a path of mutual discovery. Their bodies of cold steel contrast with curved articulations and flat uninterrupted surfaces. Each creature presents a different scale of proportions. Some are more easily suited to the indulgent pace of a lazy weekend morning; others to a brief gesture of acknowledgement as you run out the door, and others still to support simple evenings of deserved recovery. Regardless of their nature, you are grateful for the strangeness of these Legs: suspended in fantasy and now rooted in the floor of your own home.

▼Legs家具单体,钢结构向不同角落延伸,the unit of Legs, the limbs of the furniture extend to corners of the room ©MikoMikoStudio

▼Legs系列中的座椅,冷硬的钢结构与其弯曲的铰接和平坦且连续的表面形成了鲜明的对比,the chair in the collection of Legs, the cold steel contrasts with curved articulations and flat uninterrupted surfaces ©MikoMikoStudio

▼Legs系列中的衣架,the clothes stand in the collection of Legs ©MikoMikoStudio

▼Legs家具细部,details of Legs ©MikoMikoStudio

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