Ledeberg G1508 Apartment by GAFPA

Old warehouse converted into apartment

Project Specs


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The old ground floor warehouse of a terraced house in Ledeberg is replaced by a new wooden roof. The largest possible rectangle is inserted, cut off by the main building. In the space between the plane and the irregular plot boundary, patios are created.

patios between the building and the plot boundary ©GAFPA

▼项目室内概览 – 客厅,
overall of the project interior – living room  ©GAFPA


Two wooden primary beams in a T-figure support the roof, carried at their intersection by a new concrete column. The wooden grating follows the direction dictated by the main beams. Light cellular concrete walls create rooms and insulate the party wall.

two wooden primary beams in a T-figure support by a new concrete column ©GAFPA

light cellular concrete wall of the bedroom ©GAFPA

pre-renovation structure is clearly visible in the bedroom ©GAFPA

detail of the wooden grating ©GAFPA

▼项目施工照片,construction photo of the project ©GAFPA

▼工作模型,working model ©GAFPA

▼平面图,plan ©GAFPA

More: GAFPA。更多请至:GAFPA on gooood


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