Lazy Bricks by Odami

Testing the potential of fabric-formwork in construction

Project Specs


感谢 Odami 对gooood 分享以下内容。
Appreciation towards Odami for providing the following description:


“What do you wanna be, Brick?”
“I wanna be chillin’.”

▼项目概览,overall view ©Odami



▼“慵懒的砖”以一种类似于织物的形式叠加在场地中 ©Odami
the fabric-formed “lazy bricks”  happily slumped on, over, or around anything that got next to or underneath them

This pavilion – affectionately named “Greta” – was an exercise both in place-making, and in testing the potential of fabric-formwork in construction. As a primitive structure, the goal wasn’t to provide physical shelter from the elements; it was simply to create a place by structuring the environment in a specific location. To do this, the structure sought to create a moment where the qualities of the place were intensified, seeming to emerge from the very place on which it stands.

The method of building with fabric-formed “lazy bricks” made this possible. Instead of lending themselves to a pure, geometric form like a normal brick would, which would have struggled to relate to the messiness of the site, the lazy bricks happily slumped on, over, or around anything that got next to or underneath them. They couldn’t be bothered to resist.

▼细部,detailed view ©Odami

▼制作过程,making process ©Odami

▼“慵懒的砖”冬季视角,lazy bricks in winter ©Odami


The result is a form which couldn’t help but make intimate acquaintances with the site – resisting the control of the Designer, preferring instead to simply lay down at its nearest convenience, and therefore be genuinely a part of it.

▼装置犹如从场地中生长出来 ©Odami
the structure seems to emerge from the very place on which it stands

Project Year: 2015
Status: Built
Materials: Spandex, rebar, concrete
Location: Rivière Rouge, Québec, Canada
Project team & Photo: Odami


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