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Project overview


The Central Green Axis Project of Beijing-Tangshan Avenue is located in the core area of the west area of Tangshan Station, adjacent to the west square of the railway station, which is an important urban landscape axis. The green axis is one kilometer long and has a total area of about 11.9 hectares. The design is based on the concept of “the growing tree of life”, which creates a “the vein of growth and integration” that connecs the Tangshan main city, the Tangshan Sstation, the Tangshan-west Station and ecological forest. Because of the future opening of the Beijing-Tangshan Intercity High-speed Railway, it will become the vibrant portal center for the integrated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan.

▼项目鸟瞰 – 中央绿轴在生态森林的掩映下,提供廊下休闲、户外办公、林荫剧场、智慧健身等活动场地,满足商务办公人群使用需求,Covered by ecological forest, the Green Axis provides space for activities, such as leisure, outdoor office, theater, smart fitness,etc © 大丹工作室


Colorful forest


We planted a large proportion of evergreen deciduous trees to form the forest skeleton and create an atmosphere of urban forest. The coverage rate was as high as 70%. We use many red maples, red oaks, clustered Mongolian oaks, Acer truncatums and other fall-colored leaf trees to construct mixed forest and highlight autumn characteristics. Using flowering plants such as begonia, peach, willow verbena, etc. to enrich the color changes in the human activity area.

▼浓浓的城市森林氛围,the urban forest atmosphere © 大丹工作室

▼长条桌椅组合为白领提供户外餐食/办公的绿色场所, the tables and chairs provides a green dining and working place for the white-collar © 大丹工作室

▼包围在树木中的智慧健身等活动场地, smart fitness and other activity areas surrounded by trees © 大丹工作室


Multilinear interweaving


The green space is designed with a two-level parkway system. The first-level space is 4 meters wide. It starts from the semicircle square and connects the main landscape nodes in order. The second-level space is 2 meters wide. It is close to the municipal roads and serves as for the pedestrians (there is no sidewalk on the municipal roads). Two levels of parkways interweave in the green space, gathering momentum.

▼路侧设置起伏座椅、起翘路等,实现立体维度的“交织”,the undulating seats, lifting roads, etc. construct the stereoscopic-dimension structure. © 大丹工作室

▼流畅的线条凸显了线性的设计,the smooth lines highlight the linear design © 大丹工作室

▼通往运动场的小路 – 植物复层栽植创造浓荫的休闲环境, path to the playground – multiple layers of plants provide shaded leisure environment in the central green axis space © 大丹工作室


Diverse experiences


In the future, the Tangshan-west Station District will integrate industrial functional areas such as business centers, office buildings, hotels, exhibition areas, etc. This will attracts the white-collar elites and high-end business people from Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. Therefore, the plaza and green space not only display the image of the city, and promote the traffic flow of passengers. but also provide high-quality CBD green open space for the surrounding business people for leisure purpose.

▼广场及绿地具有人群集散及快速疏导的功能,the plaza and green space promote the traffic flow of passengers © 大丹工作室

▼特色景观廊架造型统一又富有细节变化,提供遮阴避雨环境,The 5 characteristic pergolas are unified in shape and rich in detail changes, which provide shelter from the rain © 大丹工作室

▼信息化交互智慧设施的融入,展现城市CBD绿地的未来性,the interactive intelligent facilities shows the future of mordern CBD green space © 大丹工作室


Multidimensional details

在硬质景观的打造中,我们在不同维度的展示面,利用不同的景观材料,融入“树叶”的设计细节,呼应 “生长共融之脉 / 生长的生命之树”的设计主题。

In the creation of hard landscape, we use different materials in different dimensions, to simulate details of “leaves”. This design echos the design theme of “the vein of growth and harmony / the tree of growing life”.

▼道路与石凳细部,details of the path and the urban furniture © 大丹工作室

▼“树叶”母题在铺装、树篦子、特色灯具、桌面、廊架等不同载体中的展现,display of the image of “leaves” in different carriers, such as pavement, tree grate, lamps, tabletop and pergola © 大丹工作室

▼总平面图,master plan © 北京正和恒基滨水生态环境治理股份有限公司


Project Name: Landscape Design of Central Green Axis of Beijing-Tangshan Avenue in the Core Area of Tangshan-west Station District
Designer: Beijing ZEHO Waterfront Ecological Environment Treatment Co.
Design year & Completion Year:2019&2020
Scheme design team: Min Ying, Wang Shu, Bian Ting, Xu Wei, Fu Zhixiong, Song Wei, Liu Zhenkai, Sui Guoyu,Xue Jingjing, etc.
Construction drawing design team: Bian Ting, Han Chunhui, Jin Guilong, Jiang Yunlu, Xu Wei, Chen Xiao, Zhang Wenyao, Jia Yulong, Jianglong Li, Zeng Hongzhou, Shuai Kai, Song Yang, Gui Jinde, etc
On-site design team: Han Chunhui, Jin Guilong, Shen Chengtao, Jianglong Li, Jia Yulong, Zhang Jin, Guo Jinlong and so on
Project Location: West of Tangshan Railway Station, Lubei district, Tangshan City
The camera crew: Dadan’s studio
Construction unit: China Construction Second Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd.
Construction unit: Tangshan lubei district Municipal Facilities Management Office

More: Beijing ZEHO Waterfront Ecological Environment Treatment Co. 。 更多关于他们:Beijing ZEHO Waterfront Ecological Environment Treatment Co. on gooood.



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