Landless Stranded by PEJAC

Call attention to the plight of refugees

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The Spanish contemporary artist PEJAC is taking action by creating a major installation named “Landless Stranded” on top of Berlins’ church the “Heilig Kreuz Kirche” in the middle of Kreuzberg, to raise awareness to the current global refugee crisis. Clinging on to the huge cross with one hand and holding a smoking flare in the other, a little boy wearing a life jacket is calling for help.

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‘‘The best way for me to connect to the world is through art’’, says Pejac. ‘‘This new installation speaks of all the people who, even on land, feel adrift.’’

▼高举烟火的小男孩,the little boy holding a smoking flare ©Pejac


Opposite the church Pejac installed binoculars enabling viewers to take a closer look at the imperiled kid. Considering the distance to him, that comes in rather handy. However, anyone who cares to contemplate the use of this device may realize that metaphorically too, there is a distance between ‘us’ and those we are unfamiliar with and often fearful of. Between us and the Other. To alleviate any uneasiness felt, it’s worth scanning the QR code on the binoculars which leads straight to the link to donate to the German NGO Sea-Watch, that has saved thousands of people trying to cross the Mediterranean.

▼装置细部,details ©Pejac

该装置不仅呼吁人们关注难民困境,而且是Pejac期待已久的在柏林前列车制造厂举办的APNEA展览的序幕(Modersohnstraße大街35-45号,10月30日至11月7日)。此次展览将出售用于购买限量版印刷品的奖券,部分收入将捐赠给Sea-Watch组织。在该项目中,Pejac的合作对象包括Sea-Watch、DOJO Cares(一家总部位于柏林的创意机构基金会,其办公室位于教堂内)以及Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche(其在克罗伊茨贝格的慈善工作旨在帮助难民、无家可归的人以及穷人)。

The installation not only calls attention to the plight of refugees, it is also a preface to Pejac’s long-awaited upcoming show APNEA in a former train manufacturing facility in Berlin (Modersohnstraße 35-45, 30th of October – 7th of November). Lottery tickets for the purchase of limited-edition prints will be sold at this exhibition and part of the proceeds from this sale will be donated to Sea-Watch. For this project, Pejac has joined forces with Sea-Watch, DOJO Cares, the foundation of Berlin based creative agency whose office is inside the church as well as with the Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche, whose charity work in Kreuzberg aimed at helping refugees, the homeless and the poor, is gladly hosting the Installation.

▼装置象征难民困境,the installation symbolizes the plight of refugees ©Pejac

据联合国统计,截至2020年底,全球有8240万人因暴力、迫害或侵犯人权而被迫流离失所。随着欧盟移民政策变得越来越严格,抵制陆上和海上移民的情况变得越来越普遍,这使欧洲大陆变成了一座堡垒。“每天仍有寻求欧洲庇护的人死在地中海,随着德国大选和疫情成为新闻热点,我们试图让难民话题重新引起国际关注。”DOJO Cares说。

According to the United Nations, at the end of 2020, there were 82.4 million people worldwide who were forcibly displaced as a result of violence, persecution or human rights violations. As EU migration policy becomes ever harsher, pushbacks of migrants on land and at sea are becoming increasingly normal, turning the continent into a fortress. “People still die every day in the Mediterranean Sea seeking refuge in Europe and with German elections and the pandemic ruling the news cycle, we try to bring this topic back to international attention.” says DOJO Cares.

▼黄昏下的装置,the installation at dusk ©Pejac

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