Land Adrift by PEJAC

A worry about the land and sea that are tirelessly going adrift

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Almost one year to date since the unprecedented “World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice,” a letter issued and signed by 15,000 scientists from around the world in November 2017, Pejac has decided to present his latest thought-provoking intervention Land Adrift. Once again reaching towards the list of his recurring motifs and imagery, this time he placed an old-fashioned water well in the open seas of the Atlantic. Installed offshore from his native Cantabria in northern Spain, the piece is reflecting the artist’s worry about the land and sea that are tirelessly going adrift.


Continuously working towards pointing out at the frightening pace at which humans are irreversibly affecting the planet, Pejac once again stepped away from his easel and studio to create this surprising, reality-twisting intervention. Presenting another one of the “unlikely but theoretically possible” scenarios, a repeated concept in his practice, the universal symbol of a healthy community and the literal source of life was placed in the middle of high seas as a disturbing mirage of a post-apocalyptic future.


Suggesting a range of different interpretations, probably the most obvious one is the warning about the rise of the water levels, one of the most evident outcomes of climate change, as well as the lack of access to clean water. “This work reflects several things that worry me about the current state of the world, but first of all, it talks about the land and the sea which are wandering adrift.”- PEJAC


More:PEJAC更多关于他: PEJAC on gooood.

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