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Laisse Beton系列由来自法国的纽约客Sebastien Leon和Valerie Pasquiou设计,该系列作品的设计灵感来自于,不断被施工现场扰乱的纽约城市街道。“施工现场的脚手架也有其独特的美感。”Sebastien Leon说道“他们如同X射线下层层堆叠的骨架。”Valerie Pasquiou补充说道。“混凝土是纽约建筑中最常用的材料,所以我认为将这种材料用于家具设计中将会收获意想不到的惊喜。”两位设计师将钢筋用作桌腿,网板转变成桌面,施工升降梯则化身为衣柜,巧妙地将各种施工现场变为生活环境。设计师采用超薄耐磨混凝土板作为家具面板,以镀铜钢筋作为支架,工业化材料和当代设计手法的结合,打造出高品质家居生活。

Laisse Beton the inaugural Atelier d’Amis collection, was designed by French New Yorkers Sebastien Leon and Valerie Pasquiou after observing the never-ending turmoil of New York City’s streets, constantly torn apart by constructions sites. “There is a certain beauty and unity in the architectural skeleton of construction,” observes Sebastien Leon ” which offers a stacked X-ray of structural elements, floor after floor.” For Valerie Pasquiou, “concrete is the raw material of New York by excellence, which I felt should be glorified by bringing it to the world of fine furniture”.The design duo chose to reinterpret rebars into legs, grids into tables, pinion elevators into armoires and cleverly infused the vocabulary of construction throughout their collection. Material-wise, Atelier d’Amis selected ultra-thin and resistant concrete-finish ceramic plates with brass plated tubular steel, marrying the worlds of industrial, contemporary and high-end furniture.


Cortland Bookshelf

240L x 40W x 210H
180L x 40W x 210H


Leonard Desk

180L x 90W x 74H
210L x 105W x 74H


Allen Dining Table

240L x 110W x 74H
300L x 115W x 74H
360L x 120W x 74H


Benson Coffee Table

150L x 150W x 35H or 40H
120L x 120W x 35H or 40H
90L x 90W x 35H or 40H
60L x 60W x 35H or 40H
90L x 60W x 35H or 40H


Washington Credenza

225L x 45W x 60H
225L x 45W x 85H


Hubert Armoire

Size: 130L x 45W x 200H cm

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