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来自日本的设计工作室YOY发布了他们的最新作品“LACE”。 “LACE”是YOY工作室和日本知名化工产品生产商三菱化工合作设计的一款蕾丝抱枕。 抱枕的材质看上去是手工蕾丝的,但实际上是一种被称为STABiOTM的耐光性聚氨酯弹性材料。由于三菱化工的技术支持,YOY工作室设计的这款抱枕使用起来十分舒适。 目前“LACE”还只是一款设计原型,YOY工作室在寻找合适的生产商能把这款产品大规模生产出来,投放市场。 YOY工作室于2011年有空间设计师Naoki Ono和工业设计师Yuki Yamamoto共同创立,他们致力于在空间和产品之间创造新的可能。

A Japanese design studio YOY has unveiled their new work “LACE”. LACE is a hollow lace cushion created in collaboration with Mitsui Chemicals, one of the leading manufacturers in the chemical industry. What looks as if structured with handmade lace is actually molded with light resistant elastic polyurethane called STABiOTM. With technical support of Mitsui Chemicals, they challenged to realize the comfort of a normal cushion. As it is a prototype for the moment, they are looking for a partner to make it available in the market. YOY is a Tokyo based design studio composed by Naoki Ono, a spatial designer, and Yuki Yamamoto, a product designer. Started in 2011, their design theme is to create a new story between space and objects.

▽ “蕾丝”抱枕,“lace” cushion





Category : Cushion
Material : Polyurethane
Dimensions : H400 W400 D150 mm
Technical Support : Mitsui Chemicals
Year : 2016
Photos by Yasuko Furukawa

Drawings: YOY
English Text: YOY
Chinese Text: gooood

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