Kyneton House by MRTN Architects

Provide comfortable space for aging in place

Project Specs


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Kyneton House is an addition to a seventies brick home located on an elevated acre site with established gardens and mature exotic trees. Simply described the addition is a main bedroom suite with associated deck for entertaining with a cover carport and workshop under. The ambition for the design however was more complex than merely the usable spaces created. The owners were looking to adapt the existing home so that they could age in place, a strategy that would provide peace of mind as they continue their stewardship of the house and significant gardens for years to come. Internally they desired natural materials and a rich material immersion that evoked a gallery experience to provide a dramatic backdrop to their art collection.

▼远景外观,external view at distance © Dave Kulesza

设计师设计出细长的黑色矩形体块,其悬挑超出景观并延伸至周围的树冠。简洁的黑色体块使人想起Tony Smith和Anthony Caro的金属雕塑,黑色表面为周围绿植提供了隐性背景。悬挑下方形成车库,通向新建筑的入口,电梯使居住者无需通过楼梯就可以到达原有房屋的主要生活区和新卧室套房。

Our response was to propose an elongated black rectangular form that cantilevers beyond the landscape and reaching out the surrounding tree canopies. The simple black bar evoking the metal sculptures of Tony Smith and Anthony Caro, the black cladding providing a recessive backdrop to the surrounding greenery. The cantilevered from creates a undercover carport that leads to a new entry into the home and an elevator that carries you up to the main living level of the existing house and also the new bedroom suite, eliminating the need to stairs.

▼细长的黑色体块,elongated black block © Dave Kulesza

▼建筑隐于绿植之中 © Dave Kulesza
the building is hidden in the greenery

▼悬挑下方形成停车位 © Dave Kulesza
the parking space is formed under the cantilever

▼表皮细部,details of the surface © Dave Kulesza

▼原有住宅,the existing house © Dave Kulesza

▼花园,the garden © Dave Kulesza


Internally the new spaces have a rich material presence creating a connection from external to internal materiality while also satisfying the clients brief for a minimum of painted surfaces. The separation of the new spaces and connection to the existing home is intentionally blurred with screened deck leading to bedroom leading to dressing room and gallery without clear delineation.

▼局部鸟瞰,入口处是餐厨空间,partial aerial view, the entrance is the dining and kitchen space © Dave Kulesza

▼厨房 & 餐厅,kitchen & dining © Dave Kulesza

▼从餐厅望向客厅 © Dave Kulesza
view to the living room from the dining room

▼夹层起居空间 © Dave Kulesza
living space on the mezzanine

▼客厅一角 © Dave Kulesza
corner of the living room

▼墙面突显出艺术品 © Dave Kulesza
the wall highlights the artwork

▼从走廊望向客厅 © Dave Kulesza
view to the living room from the corridor

▼走廊另一端的艺术空间 © Dave Kulesza
art space at the other end of the corridor

▼二层走廊通往露台,the corridor on the first floor leads to the terrace © Dave Kulesza

▼露台,terrace © Dave Kulesza


Kyneton House explores two design objectives that are seemingly opposite ends of the spectrum, an aging in place strategy for the owners and a request for sculptural response to landscape and garden. The design responds to the context of the original home and significant gardens while ensuring that the owners can continue to enjoy them for many years to come.

▼卧室,bedrooms © Dave Kulesza

▼浴室,bathroom © Dave Kulesza

▼工作间,workshop © Dave Kulesza

Completion date: 2020
Building levels: 2
Architect: MRTN Architects

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