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KRM House is a pavilion-style house informed by the ancient Latvian farmstead – the viensēta. Designed as a holiday home, the house is free of excesses and fosters a mindful awareness of place and time. It sits within a sparsely populated area of Gauja National Park in Latvia where passing animals are more common than humans. Nature takes care of entertainment, inspires and provokes. Life flows between the exterior and interior with the terrace as a facilitator.

▼项目概览,general view © Alvis Rozenbergs

▼场地鸟瞰,aerial view © Alvis Rozenbergs


Traditional farmsteads have a yard bordered by the home and its outbuildings, so Open AD introduced a terraced garden instead of a barn, shed and sauna building. The terraced garden conceals a garage. The resulting central area creates a pocket of privacy within the landscape and strengthens the owners’ sense of belonging and ownership.

▼建筑外观,exterior view © Alvis Rozenbergs

▼阶梯式的花园隐藏了车库空间,the terraced garden conceals a garage © Alvis Rozenbergs


The building has a timber and metal frame, and Open AD repeated this combination of materials in the facade and interior. The external cladding is tar-treated pine and the decking is larch. The grey colour scheme is inspired by the aged timber and stone of old buildings, as well as the melancholic grey Latvian weather. The home sits sincerely in the landscape rather than crying out for attention.

▼户外平台,outdoor terrace © Alvis Rozenbergs

▼露台地面采用落叶松木,the decking is made from larch © Alvis Rozenbergs

▼户外休闲空间,outdoor leisure area © Alvis Rozenbergs

▼阶梯花园侧面,side view of the terraced garden © Alvis Rozenbergs

▼外墙覆层采用经过焦油处理的松木,the external cladding is tar-treated pine © Alvis Rozenbergs

the building has a timber and metal frame © Alvis Rozenbergs

住宅与传统农庄的另外一个相似之处体现在它与自然特征相呼应的定制家具当中。Open AD事务所与技艺纯熟的工匠进行了合作,将设计师的灵感转化为现实。专门为该项目设计的厨房、置物架单元、床和沙发与精心挑选的设计产品(如悬挂式壁炉等)形成了和谐的搭配。

Another similarity with historical farmsteads is the custom-made nature of many features. Open AD partnered with skilled artisans who brought the designers’ ideas to life such as the kitchen and shelving units, bed and couch. These are paired with select design pieces like the hanging fireplace.

▼从露台望向起居室,view from the terrace © Alvis Rozenbergs

▼从起居室望向露台,view from the living room © Alvis Rozenbergs

▼悬挂式壁炉,the hanging fireplace © Alvis Rozenbergs

▼从起居室望向厨房,view to the kitchen © Alvis Rozenbergs

▼定制厨房,the custom-made kitchen © Alvis Rozenbergs

▼厨房吧台细部,detailed view © Alvis Rozenbergs

▼另一侧的走廊,corridor on the other side © Alvis Rozenbergs

▼卧室,bedroom © Alvis Rozenbergs

view towards the terrace from the bedroom © Alvis Rozenbergs

▼浴室,bathroom © Alvis Rozenbergs

▼室内细节,interior view © Alvis Rozenbergs

the home sits sincerely in the landscape © Alvis Rozenbergs

▼平面图,plan © Open AD

▼剖面图1-1,section 1-1 © Open AD

▼剖面图2-2,section 2-2 © Open AD

Size of home: 181.52 m2 
Team: Zane Tetere-Sulce, Jelena Ozolina-Jelisejeva, Beatrise Dzerve, Zane Araja
Brands: Focus Fireplaces, Ferm Living, NORR11, Herzbach, DCW editions, lett
Landscape architects: Landshape
Delta Construction
Carpenter – Uldis Ceplis

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