Kora Vases by Studiopepe

Color rhyme.

Project Specs


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来自意大利的工作室Studiopepe为Spotti Edizioni公司设计了这系列优美的花瓶。一共12中色彩。设计师进行了色彩研究,在10中基础色之上做出选择,进行微妙的色彩表达,形成了以颜色为主导的别致花瓶。



12 colour variations for kora vases,designed by studiopepe for Spotti Edizioni. A targeted study about colour gradations. 10 saturated colours with a hint of shadow and some graphic-marks as an expression of the spirit of the time: colors become material to depict the new trends detected by studiopepe. The chromatic choice draws form a quadricromia (four-colour process) based elaboration. Spotti’s window will be dedicated to display this project this project for the whole summer.

Design / Studiopepe
Photo / Silvia Rivoltella








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STUDIOPEPE is the brainchild of Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto, who both graduated in Design at the Faculty of Architecture of the Milan Polytechnic. Journalists and freelancer designers for major national and international interior magazines, in 2006 they founded Studiopepe, based in Milan, with the intention of operating in two areas: product design + interior design, and image design. STUDIOPEPE works with a team of professional collaborators to offer a service that takes a multidisciplinary approach aimed at creating a contemporary style. From concept design to final completion, their inspiration comes from art, design, illustration, and graphic design, all helping to create a unique, eclectic language.

Publishing/ STUDIOPEPE is a contributing designer for ELLE DECORATION UK and regularly plans photographic sets, from initial concept development to the shoot, for CASE DA ABITARE, D CASA LA REPUBBLICA, ELLE DECOR, THE NEW YORK TIMES STYLE MAGAZINE, and PORT. Corporate/ STUDIOPEPE provides image and style consultancy for catalogues and advertising; creates projects and layouts for showrooms and showcases, selects exclusive products and materials, and defines new visions and strategies for clients. From 2011 onwards Studiopepe will be responsible for curating exhibitions relating to design and art.

It creates made-to-measure trend books that translate its ongoing research into the areas of image and trend forecasting.


Studiopepe oversees all aspects of the design process for private or commercial interiors, making use of eclectic, unconventional and sophisticated colours and combinations of materials.


Studiopepe uses its experience in image design to create product lines that seek to rediscover the value of functional aesthetics, exploring the readymade, using innovative materials, and rediscovering archetypes that relate to the culture of the handmade.

Studiopepe works with a team of collaborators to create 3D views, 3D models, CAD technical drawings, and study prototypes.

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