Koketama by We Smell The Rain

A special green plant made by moss that could be felt by hand.

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苔玉一词来自日语,其意思可以简单解释为“苔藓做成的球”,是一种日本传统的艺术形式。We Smell The Rain的所有产品均为纯手工制作,每个苔玉都是在阿姆斯特丹的工作室定做完成。

Kokedama (苔玉) is a Japanese word that can be loosely translated as ‘moss ball’. It’s a traditional Japanese art form. All our We Smell The Rain products are 100% handcrafted and each of our Kokedama are made-to-order in our Amsterdam studio.

We Smell The Rain. Made in Amsterdam. 2015

Photographs: We Smell The Rain
English text: We Smell The Rain
Chinese text: gooood

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