Knoll Celebrates Bauhaus by OMA/Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli + Domitilla Dardi

To give theatrical form to the multiple relations that connect the emblematic histories of the Bauhaus and Knoll

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为庆祝包豪斯学校成立100周年,著名家具品牌诺尔(Knoll)在米兰国际家具展期间展出了由OMA/Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli与Domitilla Dardi共同策划和设计的展览,展场设置在Bertarelli广场的诺尔展厅。作为对现代设计发展有着重要影响的德国学校,包豪斯的历史与诺尔公司的历史曾多次交织,而佛罗伦斯·诺尔(Florence Knoll)则是构成这些联系的一个重要人物。

Celebrating the centenary of the Bauhaus, Knoll presents an exhibition curated and designed by OMA / Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli with Domitilla Dardi at the Knoll showroom at Piazza Bertarelli during the Salone del Mobile in Milan. The Bauhaus, the German school that exerted a unique influence on the modern evolution of design, was founded 100 years ago. The school’s history is intertwined with that of Knoll in various phases, through a figure who is the fulcrum of these connections: Florence Knoll.

▼展览拼贴,research collage Knoll ©OMA


The story is told by means of four environment/clusters like theatrical stages, encouraging viewers to participate. Entering the four settings, visitors can have a direct experience of the objects and furnishings that take the leading roles, creating narrative compositions that vary in the experience of each and every participant.

▼场景模型轴测,model axon ©OMA

策展人兼设计师Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli表示:“本次展陈试图为包豪斯与诺尔之间多元的历史联系赋予一种戏剧的形式。我们构建了一系列真实的道具,使不同的物品能够处于一种理想的家庭场景之中——这是一种‘元室内’设计,它将为参观者带来激活和发现的可能。通过这种方式,马赛尔·布劳耶、密斯·凡·德·罗和佛罗伦斯·诺尔等人设计的标志性产品将与追求日常功能的现代理想形成紧密的连接,同时与其他一些有着更广泛历史和文化背景的物品展示出和谐的关系。” 从与诺尔的第一次合作开始,我们便尝试以创造性的方式去诠释‘Modern Always’的座右铭,并通过具体的案例来向20世纪的大师致以敬意。今年我们所关注的重点是那些对国际现代主义的发展有着决定意义的里程碑式的作品。”

Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli: “This installation is an attempt to give theatrical form to the multiple relations that connect the emblematic histories of the Bauhaus and Knoll. We have imagined true sets in which different objects exist in an ideal domestic scenario  – a meta-interior – offering the visitor the possibility of activating and discovering them. The iconic products by Marcel Breuer, Mies van der Rohe and Florence Knoll are therefore never separated from the modern ideal of everyday functionality, and come to terms with other objects belonging to a wider historical and cultural context. Since our first collaboration with Knoll we have set out to translate the motto ‘Modern Always’ in a creative way, paying homage, case by case, to the great masters of the 20th century. This year we have focused on the milestones of a relationship that has been decisive for the construction of international modernism. ”

▼“复杂-矛盾”场景拼贴,Collage Complexity-Contradiction ©OMA

▼“马赛尔·布劳耶”场景拼贴,Collage Marcel Breuer ©OMA

▼“密斯·凡·德·罗”场景拼贴,Collage Mies van der Rohe ©OMA

▼“佛罗伦斯·诺尔”场景拼贴,Collage Florence Knoll ©OMA

诺尔欧洲公司董事长Demetrio Apolloni表示:“米兰设计周在全球设计界有着极其重要的地位,我们强烈地希望该项目能够在其中成为一个具体而切实的存在,它凸显了我们公司与现代主义运动之间的紧密关联。”

Demetrio Apolloni, President of Knoll Europe: “We felt strongly about making this project become a concrete reality precisely during a week of such great importance for international design. It is an exhibition that underscores the strong bond between our company and the Modern Movement.”

▼包豪斯与诺尔,Knoll Research diagram ©OMA

▼历史资料:诺尔家具公司的广告、海报等,historical materials: advertisements and posters ©Knoll

“Knoll Celebrates Bauhaus”首展日期为4月10日至4月19日,之后还将在巴黎、伦敦、东京、首尔和悉尼等城市进行巡展。

Knoll Celebrates Bauhaus will be on view from April 9 to April 19. After this debut, the exhibition will travel to the cities of Paris, London, Tokyo, Seoul and Sydney.

▼展览明信片:“复杂-矛盾”,Postcard: Complexity-Contradiction ©OMA

▼展览明信片:“马赛尔·布劳耶”,Postcard: Marcel Breuer ©OMA

▼展览明信片:“密斯·凡·德·罗”,Postcard: Mies van der Rohe ©OMA

▼展览明信片:“佛罗伦斯·诺尔”,Postcard: Florence Knoll ©OMA

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