KILLAN, Ireland by t o b Architect

Psychic fortress on the mountains of Ireland

Project Specs


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Killan住宅位于客户在Killan镇的农场里的一座小山上,俯瞰着下面的农田,远眺着冰川沉积形成的连绵起伏的丘陵。住宅平面是边长约12米的正方形,这是建筑师参考William Chambers设计的18世纪新古典主义建筑Marino赌场的结果。住宅是故意设计得不合乎常理。如果住宅看起来像只盖好了一半,那么就能有更多解读和可能。

This house is situated in the townland of Killan and is built on a hill on the client’s farm. It overlooks a working farmland and rolling hills formed by glacial deposits. The house is square in plan, the footprint being approximately 12m x 12m. It takes references from the Casino at Marino, the 18th century Neo-classical house by Architect William Chambers; a continuous reference point for Irish Architecture as our finest example of a house considered as a temple. The house is deliberately unharmonious. If the house appears half-finished, it is also so that it remains open to multiple interpretations.

▼远眺建筑,looking far from the building


Though the project is largely unembellished, this is as much to do with a strict budge; it is not a minimalism. Hence the outward form of the building, though square in plan, offers four differing figurative elevations. To the south elevation, the eaves is extended out by 1.1m from the wall, to shade the south elevation and shelter the main patio. The protruding eaves and the height of these timber supports seem to upset the ‘tasteful’ proportioning in this elevation particularly.

▼建筑外观,exterior view



Constructionally, the house is predominantly a pragmatic stacking of block walls. Major visual axis through the building are maintained, but here and there the walls are pulled or pushed off axis to form the necessary rooms or to create a recess or alcove for a door or bench. The ground floor rooms are relatively open to each other, arranged around a central double height hall. A 450mm step in section across the main east west axis separates the upper from lower quarters.

▼住宅主要由砌块墙围合而成,the house is predominantly a pragmatic stacking of block walls


The first floor is conventional. A long hall is aligned along the north south axis and overlooks the central ground floor hall. It is punctuated at either end by a portrait window. The pyramidal shape of the roof is expressed in the hall.

▼一层主客厅,一排落地窗向山野敞开,main living on 1F,A row of floor-to-ceiling windows open to the mountains


▼从走廊望向客厅,view from corridor to living room


The kitchen space is opened up to the south view. Pre-cast concrete floor panels bearing on the walls or cast beams carry the upper floors. The walls are plastered in an off-white coloured sand cement floated finish and are left unpainted. Oak joinery and flooring bring some warmth to the masonry.



▼扶手栏杆细部,Handrail details

▼二层走廊,从落地窗望见绝美风景,corridor on 2F,See beautiful scenery from floor-to-ceiling windows


Robust concrete benches and walls are set out around the house. The chimney is a narrow horizontal slot alluding to a pillbox bunker overlooking the terrain. The landscaping and construction of outbuildings will continue in the coming years as budget allows.

▼首层平面图,ground floor plan

▼二层平面图,first floor plan


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