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The surrounding forest is the starting point for URA to design a simple building which contains all confrontations of the site : open vs. closed, trees vs. slope, materiality vs. transparency, building vs. environment. The gymnasium is dug into the natural slope.
The facade shows the duality of the context : a strong, closed concrete wall on the one side and a wooden structure with a black steel plates cladded facade on the other side. These two facades meet in the perspective of the stage-stair. The surrounding trees are seen from different perspectives. “Going to the gym” confronts the pupils (again) with the basic elements of nature.

▼体育馆位于一片树林之中,the gymnasium locates inside of a small forest

▼混凝土与黑钢板立面在高位台阶处相遇,the concrete facade and the black steel facade meet in the perspective of the stage-stair

▼体育馆的另一个出入口,the other entry of the gymnasium

▼从高位台阶俯瞰室内,overlook the gymnasium from the stage-stair

▼健身馆室内一侧底部用玻璃墙打开,可以看到外面的景色;one bottom of the gymnasium is opened up via glass doors, allowing users to enjoy the outside views

▼更衣处及休息室,the room for changing clothes and rest

▼场地平面,the site plan

▼首层平面,the first floor plan

▼二层平面,the second floor plan

▼剖面,the sections

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