(香港/深圳)PH Alpha Design 湃昂国际建筑设计顾问有限公司 – 主任建筑设计师 / 高级建筑设计师 / 建筑实习生 / 高级室内设计师 / 室内设计师


PH Alpha Design Limited (PHA) has always been committed to looking for talents who are passionate about construction, and are enthusiastic to join us.


We would like to invite you to join us and grow together if you have your own perspective and independent mind with teamwork spirit, and also pay close attention to your environment, buildings design.


关于我们 | About PHA




自成立以来,PHA湃昂的作品不断斩获国内外权威设计大奖。2015年昆明俊发东方广场(春之眼)项目在伦敦取得国际最佳商业建筑设计大奖(IPA2015)之后,PHA湃昂相继荣获最佳综合体建筑、最佳商业零售建筑、最佳公共服务建筑、最佳休闲建筑、最佳零售室内多个类别最高荣誉。PHA湃昂为香港置地重庆The Ring光环购物公园打造的“城市自然共同体”及“植物园生态购物中心”理念,以其创新鲜明的建筑空间设计,成为目前备受业内瞩目的明星项目。2019年PHA湃昂更是受邀参加了第16届威尼斯国际建筑双年展香港特展和深港城市\建筑双城双年展。

PH Alpha Design (PHA) is an international architectural and interior design practice with headquarter in Hong Kong, branches in London, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing. Having over 80 professional designers from across the world, PHA emphasizes the introduction and cultivation of talents. It aims at providing a quality platform for them to reach their full potential.

With innovative design and leading design concepts, PHA has been making constant breakthroughs in architectural design, interior design and comprehensive planning, including shopping centers, commercial retail space, commercial blocks, A A office, hotels and private houses, cultural architecture planning and so on. With the design principles of innovation, excellence, practicality, economics and sustainability, PHA always persists that innovation is the priority. The insistence in innovative design ensures the maximum creativity and value of every piece of our design work.

PHA has a wide range of renowned customers both at home and abroad, including Hongkong Land, China Resources Holdings, Longfor Property, Junfa Group, China Vanke, Suning Estate, SCPG and etc. When providing quality services to regular customers, PHA has also attracted increasing attention and established a good reputation in the industry with extraordinary innovation.

Since its foundation, PHA has won domestic and international authoritative design awards with its projects. In 2015, the Junfa Dongfeng Plaza (Eye of Spring) in Kunming won the Best International Commercial Architectural Design of the International Property Award in London. It has successively won the highest honors in Best Mixed-use Architecture China, Best Public Service Architecture, Best Retail Architecture, Best Leisure Architecture and Best Retail Interior. PHA has built the concept of “urban natural community” and “botanical garden shopping center” for Hongkong Land’s Yorkville – The Ring in Chongqing. With its innovative and distinctive special design, it has become a star project in the industry. In 2019, PHA was invited to attend the 16th Venice International Architecture Exhibition Hong Kong Exhibition and Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture.


办公环境 | Offices

香港总部 HongKong Headquarter

▽深圳分部 Shenzhen Branch


公司项目 | Projects

香港置地重庆The Ring光环购物公园 Hongkong Land’s Yorkville – The Ring, Chongqing, China

东莞正中滨海湾新区产业园Genzon Binhaiwan New Area Industrial Park, Dongguan, China

昆明春之眼 Eye of Spring, Kunming, China

▽重庆房地产职业学院图书馆  Real Estate College Library, Chongqing(点击查看更多

重庆海成万州长江之星二期 Haicheng Group Yangtze River Star Phase 2, Chongqing, China

贵阳华润置地万象汇 China Resources Guiyang Mix City, Guiyang, China

▽常州龙湖龙城天街 Longfor Paradise Walk, Changzhou, China


招聘职位 | Job Vacancy 

O 主任建筑设计师(工作地点:香港/深圳)Associate (work place: Hong Kong/Shenzhen)

– 有建筑情怀与梦想,7年以上商业项目工作经验,建筑学本科以上学历;
– 具有较强的建筑方案创作能力,能主持大型商业设计项目,设计管理经验强;
– 优秀的团队领导能力和出色的沟通能力,敬业负责并具有良好的团队合作精神;
– 有海外学习及工作经验或外企工作经验并具备良好英语沟通能力者优先考虑。

– With strong passion on architectural design, more than 7 years’ working experience in commercial projects, bachelor degree or above in architecture;
– Excellent project design ability on large-scale design projects, and adequate experience in design management;
– Excellent team leadership and communication skills, responsible, dedicated with good team spirit;
– Overseas learning and working experience or working experience in foreign enterprises with good communication skills in English preferred;

高级建筑设计师(工作地点:香港)Senior Architectural Designer (working place: Hong Kong)

– 建筑学本科及以上学历,5年以上大型建筑设计公司工作经历;
– 具有商业建筑设计经验,高度的创作热情及优秀的设计能力,敬业负责并具有良好的团队合作精神;
– 具有良好的沟通协调、带领团队能力, 能够完整准确地汇报方案;
– 要求熟练掌握AutoCAD, 天正, SketchUp, Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop等常用软件,会Rhino优先考虑;
– 有海外学习及工作经验或外企工作经验并具备良好英语沟通能力者优先考虑。

– Bachelor degree or above in architecture major, working experience for more than 5 years in large-scale architectural design company;
– With experience in commercial architecture design, high creative enthusiasm and strong design ability, responsible, dedicated with good team spirit;
– Good ability in communication, coordination, leading the team, report the project completely and accurately;
– Skilled in AutoCAD,Tangent,SketchUp, Indesign,Illustrator,Photoshop and other common software,skilled in Rhino preferred;
– Overseas learning and working experience or working experience in foreign enterprises with good communication skills in English preferred;

建筑实习生(工作地点:香港)Architectural Trainee (working place: Hong Kong)

– 要求熟练掌握Rhino,AutoCAD,天正,SketchUp,Indesign, Illustrator,Photoshop等常用软件,会Grasshopper优先考虑;
– 有海外学习或外企实习经验并具备良好英语沟通能力者优先考虑;
– 不少于3个月实习期,实习一年以上优先考虑。

– Skilled in Rhino, AutoCAD,Tangent,SketchUp, Indesign,Illustrator,Photoshop and other common software,skilled in Grasshopper preferred;
– Overseas learning or internship experience in foreign enterprises with good communication skills in English preferred;
– No less than 3 months of internship, a person who has more than one year internship preferred;

高级室内设计师(工作地点:深圳)Senior Interior Designer (working place: Shenzhen)

– 环艺、室内设计相关专业本科及以上学历;
– 5年以上室内设计(商业/办公/酒店/会所等)工作经验,具备商业项目工作经验者优先考虑;
– 具有国际化设计理念,具备极强的设计触觉及创意设计或方案创作构思能力、深化设计能力;
– 效率高,能根据客户的不同需求对空间展开针对性的构思设计;
– 优秀的方案管理能力、团队领导及沟通能力,能准确把握甲方的需求;
– 有手绘美术功底,对色彩搭配有独到的见解;
– 有带领团队的经验。

– Bachelor degree or above in environment art, interior design and other related majors;
– More than 5 years interior design (commercial/office/hotel/club, etc.) working experience, with working experience in commercial project preferred;
– With international design vision, strong sense of design, creation or proposal planning ability
– High efficiency, following the different needs of clients to develop targeted design ideas;
– Excellent project management ability, good communication skills and team leadership, being able to understanding the requirements of client accurately;
– Having the hand drawing or fine arts foundation and the typical understanding towards the color matching;
– Proven experience to work as a team leader.

室内设计师(工作地点:深圳)Interior Designer (working place: Shenzhen)

– 环艺、室内设计相关专业本科及以上学历;
– 3年以上从事公装室内设计工作经验,有商业设计经验、现场工地工作经验者优先;
– 掌握人体工程学理论,对造型尺寸比例有较准确的认识,对色彩及流行风向等有敏锐的把控力;
– 善于发现问题,有较强的团队合作能力、沟通协调能力和较强的宣讲能力;
– 具备良好的工作积极性和服务精神。

– Bachelor degree or above in environment art, interior design and other related majors;
– More than 3 years working experience in public decoration interior design, commercial design experience, field working experience preferred;
– Having a more accurate understanding of the size proportion of modeling and a keen control of color and fashion wind direction;
– Good ability in locating errors, strong team working ability, communication and coordination ability and strong communication ability;
– Good working enthusiasm and service spirit.


应聘方式 | How to apply


We are recruiting all the above position now, please send your CV ,sample works (within 10M in PDF format) and employment objective in title
“Working location+position+Name” to hr@ph-alpha.com


联系我们 | Contact

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