JC house by Alventosa Morell Arquitectes

A wall, a Volume and a stair.

Project Specs


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The clients needed a small restoration of a house built in 1983 and, specially, the creation of a new space to work. The building was very badly adapted to the land, the original topography. It was divided into two platforms separated by a retaining wall of 6 metres height. This wall generates a very important visual impact and provokes the isolation of two platforms. The house is located on the superior platform, which is built with ceramic brickwork without interest. All its perimeter is surrounded by a narrow terrace, so with a limited use. On the inferior level there was a garden and a swimming pool in a bad condition. Although the exterior space had many possibilities to enjoy it, it was completely separated from the house by retaining wall and the two platforms were communicated by a simple stair not facilitating their use.

▼住宅外观,exterior view





▼工作室外景,the wood studio

▼工作室内景,interior view of the studio

The program set out to solve the segregation between the two platforms, creating a new connection with the main garden, that could decrease the visual impact of the retailing wall at the same time; and also generating a new space to work. To achieve this transformation we have designed a light metallic stair that is separated of the retaining wall, generating a new level between the two platforms, where we have situated the new space to work. This new space is a volume made of wood that changes the vision of the retaining wall, and creates three new spaces in addition:

-A new terrace at the level of the original house, that changes the use of the previous narrow one.
-A new wooden volume, situated in the middle of the two old levels, creating a new studio directly opened to the main garden. It is an autonomous element and bioclimatic which it means, that it does not need heating or refrigeration.
-A new frame, a portico, situated at the level of the inferior garden, where the swimming pool is. This space allows clients the possibility to enjoy of a sunny terrace.

▼工作室平台为下层空间创建了柱廊, a portico was created to allow clients enjoying the sun

▼轻质金属楼梯连接上下层平面,a light metallic stair connects different platforms

▼工作室入口,entrance of the studio

▼楼梯连通屋顶平台,the stairs connects to the roof terrance




The new access to the main house is designed as a protruding balcony made by a simple rectangular angle iron that supports the galvanized rebar in order to generate a new exterior space full of nuances of shadows; and another more positive vision of the retaining wall. On the contrary, the new space to work is a compact wooden volume, separated from the inferior level by a metallic structure. It is built with the frame System and the wooden slats of the facade provides a screen for preserving privacy, while also serving as solar protection in the summertime. All in all, with a simple volume and the simplicity of a new connection between the different levels of the plot we have achieved the total renovation of the previous building, and also got a pleasant house to live.

▼屋顶露台,the roof terrance

▼建筑与夜色,house in the dark

▼住宅平面图,plan of the house


▼花园层平面图,plan of the park

▼木屋平面图,plan of the studio

▼上层平面图,the upper level plan




JC house
Photography: Adrià Golua
Specialized workers:
Palette: Façanes Alamo SL
External staircase and iron structure: Serralleria Metcor SL
Wood Exterior Carpentry: Soldevila S.L.
Facade, platform, false ceiling, wooden table and shelf: NixProfusta S.L.
Electrical installations: Eric Madrenas
Cálculo estructura:
Crespiera Simó Diagonal Arquitectura SLP
Marga Bernadó

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