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Light weight structure in the wooded area

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Jardín San Hipólito位于墨西哥城城郊一片占地3公顷的林地之中,这个花园场地将可承办容纳一千个席位的各类活动。场地在十年中将会被逐步开发为住宅用地, EL UMBRAL也因此选择了轻质的可拆除建筑结构。建筑与环境的关系简单而直接,繁茂的树林和草地也被纳入了整体空间关系之中,为建筑带来活力与生气。

Jardín San Hipólito is a garden venue with capacity for a thousand people, located in a property of 3 hectares of wooded area on the outskirts of Mexico City. The site has housing potential, and will be developed within 10 years, which is why one of the most important premises of the competition was to design and build a removable and lightweight structure. With that peculiarity, the design still harnesses and utilizes the natural components of the wooden landscape, guaranteeing a direct connection with the surrounding environment.

▽ 林地之中的轻质结构建筑,light weight structure in the wooded area

001-Jardín San Hipólito by EL UMBRAL

002-Jardín San Hipólito by EL UMBRAL

▽ 建筑与环境相映成趣,building has a direct connection with the surrounding environment

004-Jardín San Hipólito by EL UMBRAL

003-Jardín San Hipólito by EL UMBRAL

建筑的主体部分由三个帐篷结构组成:中部面积高达1000平米 (40 x 25 米)的无柱主会场空间可承办各式各样的活动,内嵌了地暖加热系统的混凝土地板让室内空间四季如春;两侧的服务于主空间的卫生间和厨房则占地各250平米。在外部,服务区域、设备用地、居住空间、储物室和室外活动空间环绕而立。建筑师利用平整场地过程中清理出来的多余土方微微修改了地形,在场地的边缘形成微微高起的矮墙,防止盛行风大量涌入吹起帐篷结构,破坏其稳定性。这个仅使用塑料薄膜和数字化设计、制造的抗弯轻质钢铁结构搭建而成的建筑最高点达到了17米。

The project is composed by 3 tents: the main one, designed to serve as a main space for a diverse range of events, covers 1000 sqm (40 x 25 meters), which is free of columns and floored with a concrete slab equipped with a radiating heating system that creates a warm atmosphere; and two smaller adjacent tents of 250 m2 each, which lodge bathrooms and a kitchen, respectively. Service areas, facilities, accommodations, storage and landscaped areas are featured as well. To curb the prevailing winds and avoid a sail effect inside the main tent, natural slopes were erected to shape and frame the perimeter of the site by reusing and repurposing the materials resulting from the excavations and weeding of the land, anchoring the project to its context. The tents were assembled with a tensed plastic membrane and a digitally designed and manufactured lightweight steel structure with IPR beams with 80cm cambers that are pinned/screwed in intersecting 45 degrees. The main structure’s highest point and height at the intersection is 17 meters.

▽ 主帐篷空间看向入口,view from the main tent to the entrance

005-Jardín San Hipólito by EL UMBRAL

▽ 主帐篷空间看向临侧的辅助帐篷空间, view from the main tent to the adjacent tent

006-Jardín San Hipólito by EL UMBRAL

009-Jardín San Hipólito by EL UMBRAL

▽ 主帐篷与辅助空间交界处,the intersection of the main text and the adjacent tent

007-Jardín San Hipólito by EL UMBRAL

▽ 卫生间, lodge bathrooms

008-Jardín San Hipólito by EL UMBRAL

▽ 轻质建筑结构,light weigh structure

010-Jardín San Hipólito by EL UMBRAL

011-Jardín San Hipólito by EL UMBRAL

012-Jardín San Hipólito by EL UMBRAL     013-Jardín San Hipólito by EL UMBRAL

▽ 总平面图,site plan

JSH_ArquitectonicoPUBLISH Model (3)

▽ 一层平面,ground floor


▽ 剖面,section

C:UsersDellDesktopCORTE JSH Model (1)

▽ 结构示意,structure


Type of project: Competition, 1st Place.
Use: Event site for 1,000 sitting party.
Location: Ocoyoacac, Lerma, EdoMex.
Completion 2016
Site area: 33,235 m2
Built area: 2,550 m2
Structure: BAYSA
Design and Construction: EL UMBRAL
Client: Exconvento de San Hipólito.
Structure Photography: Camila Cossio
Completion Photography: Onnis Luque

Drawings: EL UMBRAL
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Chinese Text: gooood

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