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White space is full of light and infinity

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Ira Svobodová是一位来自美国的女性艺术家。她认为白色空间具有私人性,能从中去领悟情感与灵感。白色空间充满光明和无限。光和白色是她创作和生活中的重要元素。一切都从光产生,包括想法。白色也是光的颜色,在光学上,白色等于无色,但这种无色涵盖了其它的色彩,因此白色包含任意一种色彩。这些抽象的几何空间光影画的灵感来自前卫的建筑。艺术家用纯色调(鲜艳或单色)进行表达。虽然Ira Svobodová2012年才得到布拉格美术学院 Michael Rittstein绘画工作室的学位,但她在短暂的职业生涯中,作品已在世界范围展出并被许多收藏者收藏。








Statement from Ira Svobodová:

“For me, White Space is a personal space where you can give feelings and ideas
concrete form. It is full of light and lightness and endless possibilities. Light and white
are two of the key elements both in my creative process and in my life. Everything
emanates from light and is ideologically created. White is the color of light – something
that is actually colorless and, in terms of optics, conceals a wide range of colors,
therefore containing the possibility of all other colors.”


Special introduction from Tereza Bruthansová, Ph.D:

Ira Svobodová received her diploma in 2012 in Michael Rittstein’s pa­inting studio at the
Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. In her paintings and occasional sculptures she prefers
an impressive abstract conception in which she plays with principles of geometry,
constructivism and spatial and light effects. Her great source of inspiration is the realm
of avant-garde architecture, which has been close to her heart from childhood. She
paints modernist compositions of pure color tones, whether they are vivid or
monochromatic. Svobodová never mixes individual colors and applies instead a
laborious technique of layering special acrylic gels. During her brief career she has
made her mark at both domestic and international exhibitions and her works are
included in many private collections.


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