Installation Blur by Vincent leroy

Soft cotton, blur clouds

Project Specs


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天马行空的Vincent leroy最近又有了新的灵感:用数千根脚手架管打造一片轮廓模糊的巨型星云。在城市背景的映衬下,模糊的体量犹如一块巨大而柔软的棉质材料,给人异常愉悦的观感。VL为该装置开发了模糊的云朵、星云和银河系等不同形式,其建筑轮廓也永远让人难以捉摸。

▼在城市的映衬下犹如一团巨大的棉花, in contrast to the city : a giant piece of cotton © vincent leroy

VL imagines a new proposal : a large nebula with an indefinable contour. It’s a giant blur made of thousands of construction scaffolding tubes. With a formidable visual efficiency, in contrast to the city, these steel bars form a giant cotton material. The piece seems like a singular sweetness in the urban athmospher. This monumental installation has multiple forms: monumental blur, cloud, nebula, milky way, galaxy… VL develops infinite forms. It is an architecture with an elusive contour.

▼通透的结构,the iron structure looks realy transparent © vincent leroy


VL explains that he saw in the scaffolding accumulation a transparency, a visual lightness in contrast with the hardness and stiffness of this material itself. The brilliance of galvanized steel plays an important role in this search for light and evaporative accumulation. VL explains too : it is a mixed balanced between triangular and square shapes. Despite its monumental size, the project also has the advantage of being indefinitely recyclable, storable and transportable. Its creator adapts it to different places. Vl imagines too a version where people can go inside on platform.

▼河畔视角,riverside view © vincent leroy

音效设计师Jérôme Echenoz利用分布在装置内部的移动设备来让该巨型钢架结构开始随风颤动,发出声响。悬浮的小型移动设备会在震动中互相冲击,并与钢制框架发生碰撞。于是,有了声效的装置就像一片充满生命力、正在噼啪绽放的云朵。

▼有趣的装配细节,the assembly details become interesting detail © vincent leroy

▼几何结构与巴黎天空的云朵融为一体,the geometric structure mixes with the clouds of the Paris’s sky © vincent leroy

▼在三角形和方形之间保持平衡,a mix with balance between triangular and square shapes © vincent leroy

The sound designer Jérôme Echenoz makes the giant steel structure vibrate with small mobiles dotted inside and animated by the wind. The big blur then becomes sound. Each small suspended mobile comes to shock each other to the monumental framework. The cloud crackles, cracks, lives…

▼基本组件,the basic components of the designer © vincent leroy

Blur copyright design by Vincent Leroy
all image © vincent leroy
sound © Jerome Echenoz / Adorable Studio

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