Photography: “Inner State” by Maria Mavropoulou

Stuck time during crisis period

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“The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born, in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear.”

葛兰西 A.Gramsci


“Inner State” is a series of photographs that I created between 2014-2016 having in mind to document the feeling of living during an era of crisis, namely the Greek crisis. Revisiting these photographs nowadays, during the Covid-19 health crisis, I sense those same feelings of uncertainty and unpredictable change of fundamental aspects of everyday life as we used to know it. This current global situation may be an important moment to realize that no matter what causes a crisis, or where it takes place, solidarity, collaboration and compassion is our only way out.

▼用照片记录危机时期,photograph the crisis ©Maria Mavropoulou



In this stagnant space, in this gap between eras, landscapes look bizarre, cut off the real world, pending for their unknown fate, as a visualization of the inner state of their inhabitants.The horizon is hidden, preventing us to see what’s yet to come.

Empty highways, solar panel fields, constructions left unfinished, rotten watermelons and torn flags seem stuck in an intermediate state, portraying the current situation, like distorted symbols of a bygone era of growth.

▼空旷的高速公路,empty highways ©Maria Mavropoulou

▼田地里的太阳能电池板,solar panel fields ©Maria Mavropoulou

▼积满灰尘的观众席,dusty auditorium ©Maria Mavropoulou

▼未完工的建筑,constructions left unfinished ©Maria Mavropoulou

▼腐烂的西瓜,rotten watermelons ©Maria Mavropoulou

▼破损的旗帜,torn flags ©Maria Mavropoulou



In this serene rural scenery, far away from the city’s battlefield, there is a subtle feeling of uncannyness. The depicted structures stand as a kind of neo-ruins, all of them have a part of the story to tell, but we have to look closer to discover it.

Found in this situation of not being able to look forward while the past seems already distant and out of reach, disorientation is what one feels. Relying on expectations is not a choice, neither memories can provide a shelter。There is nothing certain except the situation itself.

▼宁静中的神秘与可怕,subtle feeling of uncannyness ©Maria Mavropoulou

▼废墟,ruins ©Maria Mavropoulou

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