“Impulse”: Luminotherapie, New York by Lateral Office

Interactive device with sound and light visualization

Project Specs

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▼项目概览,overview ©Alexandre Ayer

Canadian studio Lateral Office has installed 12 oversized seesaws that light up and make sounds on the streets of New York City’s Garment District. Impulse occupies the pedestrian plazas on Broadway Avenue between 37th and 38th Streets. While on display, the block is closed to vehicle traffic. Visitors are encouraged to ride the playground-style pieces, which range in length from 16 to 24 feet (4.8 to 7.3 metres). The motion triggers lights to intensify and emit musical sounds.

“The immersive urban instrument creates an exciting, playful experience, in which visitors become the musicians and artists through a series of illuminated seesaws that respond and transform when put into motion,” said the Garment District Alliance, a non-profit that organised the project.

▼“脉冲”声光装置,”impulse” acousto-optic device ©Alexandre Ayer


Each seesaw features a clear polycarbonate covering and light diffuser that reveals the LED bulbs inserted inside. To activate the installation a person mounts each end and grabs hold of the metal handle. Several of the seesaws have two handlebars on each end allowing several people to use the ride simultaneously. When one side touches the ground, the lights are switched on and shine through the transparent covering. When not in use, they stabilise, balance horizontally and emit a dim glow.

▼白天跷跷板维持较低亮度,the see-saws remain at a lower glowing level during the day ©Alexandre Ayer


脉冲装置由Lateral工作室,设计机构CS Design及结构工程师EGP Group合作完成。装置内的音乐由声音设计师Mitchell Akiyama和电子设计工作室Robocut创作,并由Generique Design制作完成。该作品于2015年蒙特利尔的光疗(Luminothérapie)艺术节上首次演出。

▼游客互动,interactive device ©Alexandre Ayer

Speakers wired inside each individual seesaw play the variety of musical sounds as the piece moves up and down. The noises are randomised and create a composition that is always different. “The ever-changing composition creates a dynamic light and sound wave, animating and brightening the Garment District’s Broadway pedestrian plazas,” the Garment District Alliance added.

Lateral Office collaborated with design agency CS Design and structural engineers EGP Group to complete Impulse. The musical score was created with sound designer Mitchell Akiyama and electronic design studio Robocut, while fabrication was completed by Generique Design. The work was first presented in 2015 at Luminothérapie, a festival in Montreal.

▼游客上传照片与社交媒体,photos uploaded to social media ©Alexandre Ayer

脉冲装置将在纽约市区服务至2020年1月31日。Garment区联盟与纽约市交通运输部(DOT)所倡导的艺术计划(Art Program)及公共空间街区季节性项目(Public Space Unit’s Seasonal Streets programme)合作。脉冲是该区域广场上艺术装置的一部分。目前,纽约市内类似的项目还有由Hou de Sousa完成的Ziggy及一个发光的游泳池,前者呈现为一系列缠绕有鲜亮绳索的钢筋框架,后者漂浮在East River上,旨在测试并监控河水水质。

Impulse is installed in New York City’s Garment District until 31 January 2020. The Garment District Alliance collaborated with NYC DOT’s Art Program and the Public Space Unit’s Seasonal Streets programme to create the installation as part of Garment District Art on the Plazas. Other recent installations in New York City include Ziggy, a series of rebar frames covered in bright cords by Hou de Sousa and an illuminated swimming pool that floats in the East River to test and report on water quality.

▼装置带来的欢声笑语,joy and laughter brought by the device ©Alexandre Ayer

National Urban Design Award, RAIC, 2016
AZ Award, 2016
Prix Lumiere, IES Montreal, 2016
AL Design Award, Architectural Lighting Magazine, 2017
Project Team: (Architect & Co-Designer)
Mason White, Lola Sheppard, Alex Bodkin
Full Project Team: CS Design (Lighting Design & Co-Designer); EGP Group (Engineering); Generique Design (Fabrication); Mitchell Akiyama (Sound); Robocut (Interactive); Iregular (Video); Maotik (Video).

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