Immemorial by Sif Itona Westerberg

A sensitive and monumental contrast created by the blending of industrial material with refined craftsmanship

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丹麦ARoS美术馆将于2021年10月1日至2022年1月23日呈现由艺术家Sif Itona Westerberg带来的展览“Immemorial”。本次展览将展示一系列以神话为主题的雕塑作品,旨在探讨人类对自然产生的日益强烈的影响,以及未来将要发生的气候灾难。

出生于1985年的Sif Itona Westerberg毕业于丹麦皇家美术学院,是一位雕塑家,她的作品常常包含与古代雕刻门楣或中世纪彩色图腾有关的元素。本次展览是这位年轻当代艺术家迄今为止规模最大的个展。Sif Itona Westerberg的雕塑作品模仿了一些历史悠久的大理石雕塑的形式语言,但在材料上采用了加气混凝土(主要用于建筑行业)。工业材料与精致工艺的结合产生出一种独特的对比,兼顾了现代雕塑的生动与纪念碑式的永恒感。

▼Sif Itona Westerberg雕塑系列“狄俄倪索斯之家”(2020),将在本次展览的第一幕呈现
Sif Itona Westerberg, The House of Dionysus, 2020, Gether Contemporary © David Stjernholm

New exhibition at ARoS showcases mythological sculptures dealing with the effects of increasing human impact on nature and the climate catastrophe looming on the horizon.

Sif Itona Westerberg (b.1985) graduated as a sculptor from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2014. ARoS now presents the largest exhibition to date of the young contemporary artist. Her works often draw references from the carved friezes of antiquity or the colourful iconography of the Middle Ages, from where she takes much of her inspiration. Her sculptural works mimic a formal language found in historical marble sculpture, but they are executed in aerated concrete, a material primarily employed in the construction industry. The blending of industrial material with refined craftsmanship creates a unique contrast that is both sensitive and monumental.

House of Dionysus (2020) . The sculptural works are executed in aerated concrete © David Stjernholm

展出场地位于美术馆5层的焦点画廊,展场面积为420平方米。展览将分为三幕进行,分别为:第一幕:狄俄倪索斯之家(House of Dionysus),是一组以希腊神话中的酒神为主角的雕塑作品。

The exhibition will be shown in the 420 m2 Focus Gallery on level 5 and is divided into three acts. The first act, House of Dionysus (I), features works that all relate to the Greek mythological figure Dionysus, god of wine and ecstasy. This series of sculptures includes House of Dionysus (I) and House of Dionysus (III), which became part of the museum’s collection earlier this year following a donation from the New Carlsberg Foundation.

House of Dionysus (2020) , individual pieces © David Stjernholm

第二幕:“锯歌”(Sawn Song),是一组全新的作品(首次展出),讲述了太阳神赫利俄斯之子法厄同驾驶太阳战车的故事。在这里,法厄同引发的事故被描述为史上第一次人为导致的气候灾难。


The second act comprises an entirely new series of works, Sawn Song, exhibited for the first time at ARoS and based on the Greek myth of Phaeton. As the son of the sun god Helios, Phaeton tried to drive his father’s sun chariot with the result that he set fire to the sky. In this series of works Sif Itona Westerberg describes Phaeton’s accident as the first man-made climate disaster in history.

The third and final act of the exhibition consists of works from the Fountain series, which was shown at the exhibition venue Tranen in Hellerup in 2019. The works are based on hybrid creatures from the European Middle Ages combined with modern genetic-engineering technology. The technology makes it possible to cross species and mix tissue and DNA in ways that were previously only dreamed of. Here, too, Sif Itona Westerberg looks both backwards and forwards in time as she links the Middle Ages with modern science, thus exploring the potential of hybridisation.

Sif Itona Westerberg, Tranen, 2019 © David Stjernholm

Photographer: David Stjernholm

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