IA_HOUSE, Single family house in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid by LANDÍNEZ+REY architects

Simple but powerful modern residence

Project Specs


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The house is located in a residential area comprising detached houses. It is accessed from the streets on the east and west sides of the block on which the plot is situated. It has an irregular and slightly longitudinal shape. The compact building was designed according to a basic requirement of the property owners: not break the continuity of the free outdoor space between the two streets, a condition that determined the orientation of the house and its relationship with the exterior.

▼建筑概览,overview of the house


Not having a horizon, IA_house traces the limits of its domestic space in the walls containing the plot, barely three metres in the north and 11 in the south, without interruption. However, from east to west, the house itself forms part of the perimeter enclosure, from the street entrance in the east to the covered outdoor area in the west. In both cases, the load-bearing beam structure and concrete walls mark these limits. In-situ. Therefore, concrete beams, walls and paving serve as containing envelopes and a threshold for handmade brick structures, and also to guide and order them. These brick structures house the rooms on the lower floor. They serve as a threshold, support and foundation for the upper volume. The latter, formed by white prefabricated envelopes, houses the bedrooms and a study and games area.

▼住宅东侧临街入口,the entrance from street

▼住宅入口小广场及北立面,entrance area faces eastern street and north facade

▼住宅南立面,south facade of the house

▼住宅西立面,west facade of the house

▼材料间的对比营造出简洁的现代感,the contrast between materials produces the modern atmosphere


The lower structures have sliding steel panels in the ventilated chambers. The handmade brick walls, arranged in the traditional fashion for half-foot brick and with lime mortar, are like canvases confined between the framework and the structural grey concrete beams. On the other hand, the shiny white glazed brick walls were also built with depth in mind and, in this case, form volumes projected according to the geometric position of the brick, with no bonding: six-inch stretchers on the north and south and, again without bonding, headers from east to west. Unrestrained reinforced constructions that escape from the load-bearing structure. Two ways of building masonry structures. Always brick and mortar. Two ways of shaping them and addressing them from the structure.

▼滑动通风钢板轨道框架,the framework of the sliding steel panels


Thus a polarisation of the house’s interior/exterior relationship is established: transversality in its link with the surroundings and longitudinal continuity in the transit areas and internal visual relationships: we put geometry in opposition with topology, and pit construction and scale against continuity and time.

▼一层空间, first floor


▼二层书房及楼梯间, study and staircase

▼由传统墙体、混凝土框架、预制面板及釉面白瓷砖构成的丰富外立面,the facades composed of traditional handmade brick walls, concrete framework,white prefabricated envelopes and glazed brick walls.

▼采用传统工艺的砖墙,brick walls with traditional way

▼场地区位,site plan

▼建筑平面,plans of the first and the second

▼建筑立面及剖面,elevations and sections



Location: Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid (SPAIN)
Architects / Project+Works direction: David LANDÍNEZ GONZÁLEZ-VALCÁRCEL
+ Mónica GONZÁLEZ REY (LANDÍNEZ+REY | equipo L2G arquitectos [eL2Gaa] )
Building Engineer + Structure + Surveyor: David LANDÍNEZ GONZÁLEZ-VALCÁRCEL + Mónica GONZÁLEZ REY (LANDÍNEZ+REY | equipo L2G arquitectos, slp [eL2Gaa] )
Collaborators: Ana ALFONSO CORZO
Photographer: Raúl del VALLE
Builded surface: 260,45 m2 (+350m2 urbanization)
General Contractor: URIEL y del VALLE Interiorismo, S.L. (Julio ISCAR)
Project year: 2013 -2016

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