I Will Be With You, Whatever by Studio Morison

An artwork present at Wittelsbacherplatz in the heart of Munich

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《BISS》杂志在创刊25周年之际于慕尼黑市中心的Wittelsbacherplatz广场上展出了一项艺术作品。来自Studio Morison的艺术家Heather Morison和Ivan Morison为本次事件创作了这座名为《无论如何,我将与你同在》的雕塑,并将广场中心的马克西米利安一世(1573-1651)骑马雕像包围在其中。

For their 25-year anniversary, the Munich street magazine BISS presents an artwork at Wittelsbacherplatz in the heart of Munich. For this event, British artists Heather and Ivan Morison of Studio Morison have created a sculpture entitled I Will Be With You, Whatever that is displayed around the equestrian statue of Maximilian I (1573–1651) in the centre of the square.


《BISS》杂志致力于为社会困难人士提供帮助。针对本次活动,其首席执行官Karin Lohr表示:“《无论如何,我将与你同在》是这次周年纪念活动的核心部分,正如其名称所示,这项作品寓意着对穷困者、病痛者以及流浪者的关心与支持,意在帮助他们克服生活的种种难关。与此同时,它也将时刻提醒我们,一个公正平等的社会必须为所有人创造生存的基础。”

BISS is a journal venture, assisting citizens in social difficulties to help themselves. The magazine is sold by poor, ill and homeless people. The association relies on work as key to integration and has 51 of its c. 100 vendors permanently employed. “The centre piece of the anniversary is the sculpture I Will Be With You, Whatever. For BISS this work, and its title, signifies supporting poor, ill and homeless people and helping them to overcome severe life crises. The promise, to not leave someone alone, also holds true in the reverse: poor people will always remind us through their presence, that an equitable society must create the basis of existence for all people.” Karin Lohr, BISS Chief executive

▼广场视角,view form the square

作品的创作者Ivan Moriso说:《无论如何,我将与你同在》事实上是一个公共空间。它的四个入口指引着人们进入和探索。尽管它作为一个集会场所在广场、公园和花园中扮演着传统而重要的角色,但在当代城市设计中却并不常见。它将一个人们不常停留的场所变成了一个活跃的公共空间,并将一直向公众开放。

“I Will Be With You, Whatever operates particularly with public space. With its four entrances the sculpture invites entry and exploration. It thereby follows the historical function of pavilions. While they traditionally played an important role in the creation of squares, parks and gardens as places of gathering, they matter only very rarely in contemporary city design. I Will Be With You, Whatever transforms a public space where usually very few people come to meet, gather or rest. Following this idea, the pavilion will always be open to the public.” Ivan Morison, artist

▼作品将一个人们不常停留的场所变成了一个活跃的公共空间,the pavilion transforms a public space where usually very few people come to meet, gather or rest



Inside the pavilion stands the equestrian statue of Maximilian I that is deliberately only partially obscured. Observed from the brink of the square, only the head and raised hand of the rider protrudes from the sculpture. Depending on light conditions, the statue is either concealed or revealed. Illumination of the statue at night ensures that Maximilian I will be visible inside the pavilion from afar.

▼雕塑内部的马克西米利安一世雕像,the equestrian statue of Maximilian I inside the pavilion

▼根据不同的光线条件,雕像将呈现出若隐若现的效果,depending on light conditions, the statue is either concealed or revealed

该作品由Studio Morison和工业设计公司Artura Design and Engineering合作完成,并由Xaver Lutzenberger GmbH & Co.在巴伐利亚制造。折纸般的造型由数控层压板打造而成,框架外部则包覆着银色的超级织网(super mesh),并由黄色的钢制骨架进行支撑。

The pavilion was designed by Studio Morison and engineered by Artura Design and Engineering. It was fabricated in Bavaria by Xaver Lutzenberger GmbH & Co. The origami form is created from cnc’d engineered ply frames clad in a silver knit super mesh, held between a yellow steel skeleton.

▼表面细部,detailed view

▼夜间灯光效果,night view



▼结构透视图,structure 3d view



Concept:Heather and Ivan Morison
Design and production:STUDIO MORISON
www.morison.info | instagram: studio_morison
Fabrication / installation:Xaver Lutzenberger GmbH & Co
Light concept:Ingo Maurer GmbH
Lighting technical support:Osram

More: Studio Morison。更多关于他们:Studio Morison on gooood

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