hyouri for Kojima Shouten by nendo

Combination of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design

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自江户时代(公元1603-1868年)中期成立以来,小嶋商店(Kojima shouten)始终致力于高品质京都纸灯笼的制作。这种传统的京都灯笼从头到尾,从劈竹到糊纸,都是纯手工制作的。柔软轻薄的外观与其坚固耐用的特性形成鲜明的对比。由nendo为小嶋商店特别设计的 “表与里”可折叠灯罩,旨在进一步突出京都灯笼柔韧的特点。

Kojima Shouten has been making Kyoto paper lanterns since its founding in the middle of the Edo period(1603-1868 A.D.). Made from beginning to finish by hand, from splitting bamboo to paper pasting, the traditional Kyoto lantern’s defining features are their strength and durability. In utter contrast, the element of suppleness was added to produce a new aspect to the lanterns.

▼视频,video © nendo


In standard Kyoto lanterns, the ring-shaped bamboo frame functions as the lantern’s bones. A single bamboo strip is shaped into a ring, and after the ends are fixed with washi paper, the loops are fitted into a wooden mold and connected together with thread.

▼概念草图,sketch © nendo

▼传统灯笼龙骨与带有“关节”的可折叠龙骨,Traditional lantern frame vs collapsible frame with “joints” © Hiroshi Iwasaki


With focus on this process, rather than binding the strips tightly to each other, leaving some slack between the strips and binding them with washi paper yielded mobility as if they were joints. Adding eight such joints in the circumference of one ring thus enabled the lantern to be turned inside out.

▼灯罩的翻折过程,The folding process of hyouri © Hiroshi Iwasaki

▼过程演示,process © Hiroshi Iwasaki


A total of 10 designs were produced, including lanterns seeming to swallow parts of themselves, some triply nested, and some even reaching inward to peak through the other side. Although Kyoto lanterns are often covered with thicker washi paper for outdoor use, hyouri has instead a highly translucent silk lining to leverage its characteristics.

▼“表与里”灯具系列全览,hyouri series © Hiroshi Iwasaki

▼10中不同的设计,A total of 10 designs © Hiroshi Iwasaki

▼不同的翻折方式,Different ways of turning © Hiroshi Iwasaki

▼灯罩与灯具的组合,lamp shade and lamp © Hiroshi Iwasaki

▼细节,details © Hiroshi Iwasaki


The final product is a light, multilayered lantern expressing the genes of the traditional Kyoto lantern as well as an aspect far from the latter’s unaffected solidness.

▼黑暗中的灯具效果,Lighting effect in the dark © Hiroshi Iwasaki

▼单个灯具效果,Single luminaire effect © Hiroshi Iwasaki

Collaborator : nis, mts, shr
Photographer : Hiroshi Iwasaki

More: nendo。更多关于他们:nendo on gooood

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