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▼由木材烘干炉改造而成的办公空间,office space transformed from wood drying furnace

HW-STUDIO’s office is located where just recently were the wood drying ovens of Señal furniture factory owned by Don Shoemaker, one of the most important Mexican furniture designers of the 20th century. When the factory closed, the ovens remained abandoned and we thought it was a good idea to occupy and revamp them to develop our studio inside. The space was divided into two areas, which we joined through a wide transition linking the technical work area to the conceptual work area.

▼办公室门前有一个开放式庭院,there is an open courtyard in front of the office

▼庭院视角,garden view


▼整个办公室外部看起来就像一个白色盒子,the entire exterior of the office looks like a white box

▼联排玻璃落地窗是空间中唯一的开口,The floor-to-ceiling windows are the only openings in the space

▼入口区域,the entrance

▼入口向内凹陷,the entrance is sunken inward

The technical work area is dominated by a forceful element that we like to call “the altar” — a large table on which we work models, plans, materials, concepts and in general everything that has to do with our architectural endeavor. The altar holds the workspaces of the newest members on the team. Their chairs are oriented towards the building’s only window so that they meet with more lively and entertaining environments and situations and break their routine. The window opens to a patio that we filled with Mexican ash-trees and jacarandas.

▼技术工作区,the technical work area

▼从技术工作区看向过渡空间,from the technical workspace to the transition space

▼工作台就像教堂中的“圣坛”,the workbench is like the altar in a church

▼过渡空间,transitional space


Next comes the theoretical work area. This is a very particular space since it closes completely to the outside. It is illuminated and ventilated in a zenithal way giving it a sacred quality… almost like a church. It has a very introspective nature, which captivated us because meditation is a very important tool that we use in our creative process.

▼创意工作区,the theoretical work area


▼通过天顶来实现照明和通风的方式赋予了它一种像教堂般神圣的特质,it is illuminated and ventilated in a zenithal way giving it a sacred qualit

不断从天窗射入的光线让人不禁想起路易斯·巴拉甘(Luís Barragán)的那句:“让我们排除环境的干扰,虔诚与上帝对话“。

Moreover, the light that constantly enters through its skylight reminds us of Luís Barragán’s phrase: “Let us not see the neighbors, let us see God”.

▼傍晚,室内的温暖灯光透过玻璃开口向外发散,in the evening, the warm light of the room shines out through the glass openings

▼夜幕下的建筑立面,facade at night

▼夜色中的办公空间显得更具艺术气息,the office space at night is more artistic


Leads Architects: Rogelio Vallejo Bores, Oscar Didier Ascencio Castro.
Collaborators: Jesús A. López Hernández, Sergio A. García Padilla, Ander Sánchez Cayetano.
Clients: HW Studio Arquitectos.
Budget: 3,000 usd.
Photo credits: Dane Alonso
Photographer’s website: http://danealonso.mx/

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