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项目名为“东京之家”,位于日本东京市中心人口最稠密的地方,是一栋由UNEMORI ARCHITECTS事务所设计建造的私人住宅。该住宅占地面积仅为26平方米,总建筑面积51平方米,结构简单坚固,选材新颖美观,堪称城市高密度地区的住宅建筑范本。

The Japanese architectural office UNEMORI ARCHITECTS has completed an innovative, geometrically structured small house, called House Tokyo. Located in a densely populated area in central Tokyo, the private residence comprises a tiny footprint of just 26m2 and a total floor area of 51m2, showcasing an architectural paradigm for urban densification.


由于坐落于东京市中心,项目的场地面积十分狭小,几乎处于周边住宅的夹缝之中。业主夫妇希望UNEMORI ARCHITECTS事务所能为他们设计建造一栋供两人居住的房子,作为他们的临时城市住宅。为了应对城市密度带来的挑战,建筑师设计了这栋占地面积仅26平方米,总建筑面积51平方米的小房子,通过利用框架结构、增加天花板的高度,以及大面积的开窗,在紧凑的建筑体量中营造出宽敞舒适的室内空间体验。

Located in central Tokyo, House Tokyo was built on a tiny vacant spot in close proximity to the neighboring houses. Contacted by a couple who got hold of this land, UNEMORI ARCHITECTS was requested to build a house for two that would serve as a temporary city house. The architects reacted to the challenges posed by urban densification by developing a compact, yet spacious small house with a footprint of just 26m2 and a total floor area of 51m2 by making use of a suspended structure, an increased ceiling height and many large windows.

▼高密度的城市环境,project in the high density urban environment © Kai Nakamura


The façade of the compact house is dominated by industrial corrugated iron, opened up by large windows. The outer walls of the small house are partially set back, creating an increased exterior wall surface and different ceiling heights ranging from 1.9 meters to 4.7 meters. For House Tokyo UNEMORI ARCHITECTS realized a geometrically structured framework. The framework of House Tokyo was built with wood which can still be seen in the interior design of the residence. Furthermore, by setting back the outer walls, a terrace area was created on the first floor.

▼住宅外观,exterior of the project © Kai Nakamura


House Tokyo is based on a simple floor plan with a semi-basement, a first floor and a terrace area. The bedroom and bathroom are located in the semi-basement which is illuminated with natural daylight. The open-plan kitchen and dining area were placed on the first floor where the spacious overhead area is dominated by the wood beams of the house’s framework.

▼入口玄关与厨房用餐区有半层的高差,half level difference between the entrance porch and the kitchen dining area © Kai Nakamura

▼开放式厨房与用餐区,open kitchen and dining area © Kai Nakamura

▼餐厅上方二层通高的空间,spacious overhead area above the dining © Kai Nakamura

▼悬吊在木制横梁下的沙发,sofa suspended from the wooden beam © Kai Nakamura

▼由通高空间俯瞰厨房,overlooking the kitchen © Kai Nakamura


While each floor is assigned a function, the spaces are connected through open floor plans and offset levels which enlarge the space and counter the smallness of the house. Additionally, thanks to the suspended structure and exterior design of House Tokyo the air and daylight circulation was improved.

▼位于半地下室的卧室,bedroom on the semi-basement floor © Kai Nakamura

▼洗手间与洗衣房,washroom © Kai Nakamura

▼浴室,bathroom © Kai Nakamura

丰富的层高变化与开窗设置,使居住者在这个体量紧凑的小房子中也能拥有宽敞的空间体验。通过“东京之家”,UNEMORI ARCHITECTS事务所展示出其处理各种规模的建筑与复杂空间的卓越能力。

Various ceiling heights and many openings and windows allow for a spacious experience in this compact small house. With House Tokyo, UNEMORI ARCHITECTS showcases its excellent ability of handling complex spaces of every scale.

▼入口玄关与楼梯细部,detail of the entrance and the staircase © Kai Nakamura

▼夜景,night view © Kai Nakamura

▼体块生成,concept diagram © UNEMORI ARCHITECTS



Location: Tokyo, Japan
Principal use: private residence
Site area: 52.23 m2
Building area: 26.91 m2
Total floor area: 51.33 m2
Structural systems: wood
Scale: 1 basement and 1 story
Completion: September 2019
Architecture & furniture: UNEMORI ARCHITECTS
General constructor: Fukazawa Corporation
Photo: Kai Nakamura


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