House ROFR by Ralph Germann architectes

An ecological living space with a simple and timeless aesthetic

Project Specs


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本项目由建筑事务所Ralph Germann设计。设计团队从基地周边的自然环境出发,以环保技术打造出这座简单而永恒的住宅。

Ralph Germann’s design for this house is driven by the building’s natural surroundings, environment-conscious technology, and a simple and timeless aesthetic.

▼住宅外观,exterior view of the house ©Lionel Henriod


Built on a property on the heights of Sion, the 36-metre-long and 6.5-metre-wide building follows the lines of the hill like a wall in an orchard. A wall that protects and stabilizes the slope was the vision of Ralph Germann for this house. The grey color of the facade supports the idea of a protective rock. Since Valais is a seismic zone, the structure of the building is concrete.

▼住宅采用混凝土结构,the structure of the building is concrete ©Lionel Henriod



▼从室外露台看上层居住空间,viewing the living area on the upper floor from the patio terrace ©Lionel Henriod

▼上层的居住空间,the living area on the upper floor ©Lionel Henriod

▼上层起居室,大面积的落地窗提供了良好的景观视野,the living room on the upper floor, large french windows provide a good scenery view ©Lionel Henriod

With a 200 square meter flat roof, the architect translated his clients main wish to create space for as many solar modules as possible. Excess energy is stored in batteries, supplying not only the house with electricity, but also the electric cars. The heating system is based on geothermal heating.

The building is divided into two separate houses: a large 220 sqm house, where the entire living space is distributed on the upper floor and a smaller double-storey flat. The entrance to the house is through an open garage, separated from the wild garden by larch wood slats. The ground floor also hosts a laundry room, a wine cave, cheese cellar, a changing room and a toilet. A staircase leads to the upper floor with patio terrace, kitchen and living space with a large fireplace, a long concrete corridor with zenithal light leading to the different rooms.

▼开放式厨房,the open kitchen ©Lionel Henriod

▼室内空间局部,partial interior view of the house ©Lionel Henriod

▼室内走廊,the interior corridor ©Lionel Henriod

▼连接上下两层的楼梯,the stairs connecting the upper and ground floors ©Lionel Henriod

除了生态方面的考量(如采用当地材料和可持续能源等)之外,建筑师在设计过程中还考虑到了住宅的未来使用。Ralph Germann认为,鉴于电动汽车并不会产生废气,车库可能会逐渐失去其主要的空间功能。在气候宜人的日子里,如果可以将电动汽车停放在室外,那么原先的车库便可以作为额外的生活空间,为住户提供一个阴凉的观景场所。

In addition to ecological considerations (local materials, sustainable energies, …), the architect had also in mind its future when designing the house. In Ralph Germann’s opinion, garages could loose their main function, since electric cars are free of exhaust gases. With the electric cars parked outside, the garage could be used in warm weather as an additional living space, providing shade and a view on the garden.

▼住宅享有良好的景观视野,the house with a good view ©Lionel Henriod

▼首层平面图,ground floor plan ©Ralph Germann architectes

▼上层平面图,upper floor plan ©Ralph Germann architectes

Project Name: House ROFR
Architecture Firm: Ralph Germann architectes
Completion Year: 2018
Plot size: 1640 sqm
Net living space: 220 sqm
Project location: Grimisuat /Sion/Valais
Lead Architect: Ralph Germann
Photographer: Lionel Henriod

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