House P29 by Vgz arquitectura

There is no boundary between the garden and house

Project Specs


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The construction of the project was achieved by linking all the spaces with the exterior by means of various entrances, gardens and / or terraces.

▼住宅外观,exterior view

▼立面局部,part of the facade

▼侧面视角下的住宅,a side view of the house


The main facade opens onto the east side garden. For the relation of the spaces, lattices, panels and sliding doors were created that play with the level of privacy of each space; We went through the public area in the background to take advantage of the views and the private area in front to take advantage of the sun.

▼住宅入口,the entrance area

▼起居室连通了住宅的前后院,the living room connects the front and back of the house


▼双向可移动书橱连通了花园和工作室,two-way removable bookcases connect the garden to the studio

▼室内外空间关系,the relationship between indoor and outdoor space

▼工作室内部,inside the studio

The connection between the spaces is generated through the corridor, flanked by the terrace and a mirror of water, on the other side a configurable double view bookcase that connects the studio and the garden. The visual finish is a sliding lattice that allows the space to transform. Landscaping is used as a strategy to link with the site, exercising as a decorative and compositional element.

▼走廊为建筑内的空间建立起了联系,the connection between the spaces is generated through the corridor

▼位于走廊一侧的水面露台,the flanked by the terrace and a mirror of water

▼走廊另一侧连接着书橱,on the other side a configurable double view bookcase that connects the studio and the garden


▼开放式的起居空间,the open living area

▼餐厅,dining hall

▼拥有露天阳台的卧室,bedroom with outdoor balconies

Focusing on energy saving and the use of natural light, the project has rainwater collection and purification, water treatment plant for irrigation, solar panels for electric power generation and hot water; Cancellation of account with UV filters and thermal seal for maximum energy savings. The house accumulates drinking water for up to 30 days without the need for rain or water from public land. Likewise, it has a USBF treatment plant (ascending flow filtration) that treats all the sanitary waste and uses it throughout the year for irrigation, thus avoiding the use of drinking water for the garden or car washing. It has solar panels that generate an average of 40kW, corresponding to 100% of the total consumption of the house, with a bi-directional meter that returns to CFE the energy generated.

▼平行镂空的楼梯给空间带来更多通透感,parallel hollow stair brings more transparent feeling to the space

▼宽敞明亮的地下车库,the spacious and bright underground garage

▼夜幕下的住宅,the house at night

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