House Olmen by Pascal François Architects

A contemporary barn-type building

Project Specs


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▼住宅概览,overview ©Frederik Vercruysse

An old three – façade house, connected with the barn, was demolished and replaced by a contemporary barn-type building which was built behind the existing construction and which had to be in line with very strict building regulations. The new building is somewhat unaligned with the existing barn, thus creating protected exterior spaces in the form of two terraces. The transversely positioned horse stable completes the set-up.

▼现代的谷仓式建筑,the contemporary barn-type building ©Frederik Vercruysse

▼从马厩看住宅体量,viewing the living volumes of the house from the horse stable ©Frederik Vercruysse

▼横向布置的马厩,the transversely positioned horse stable ©Frederik Vercruysse


▼住宅主体量外观,强调了本住宅的当地特色,exterior view of the main building with the honest materials emphasizing the local character ©Frederik Vercruysse

▼住宅主体量,屋顶和立面采用50厘米长的红色瓷砖贴面,the main building whose roof and facade are covered with 50 cm long red tiles ©Frederik Vercruysse

▼住宅主体量外观,推拉窗的外侧窗框采用铜饰面,营造出一种温暖的氛围,exterior view of the main building, the sliding windows in oak have a warm finishing in copper on the outside ©Frederik Vercruysse

▼住宅主体量外观,exterior view of the main building ©Frederik Vercruysse

▼住宅的室外平台,the terraces of the house ©Frederik Vercruysse

▼木制的室外平台,the wooden terrace of the house ©Frederik Vercruysse

Honest materials emphasize the building’s local character. The roof and the façade of the main building are covered with 50 cm long red tiles, with no visible gutters. The sliding windows in oak have a warm finishing in copper on the outside. The interior atmosphere is created by natural light and splendid views on the surrounding nature. Austere materials, oak in particular, enhance the harmony.

▼住宅外观局部及另一个室外平台,partial exterior view of the house and another terrace ©Frederik Vercruysse

▼住宅设有下沉的室外空间,the house with an underground outdoor space ©Frederik Vercruysse

▼下沉的室外活动空间,采用红砖饰面,the underground outdoor space with the red brick surface ©Frederik Vercruysse

▼住宅立面细节,facade details ©Frederik Vercruysse

建筑师Pascal François 说:“当一个空间因为其尺度、灯光、材料以及与周边环境的关系而给人某种感觉的时候,它就有了一种附加值。没有这种附加值,建筑就只是一个冰冷而空洞的空间。”住宅均衡的外观造型表现出一种整体感。本项目并不刻意追求时尚,而是通过质朴的空间为人们提供一个舒适的居住环境。

▼位于原有谷仓体量之中的入口廊道,the entrance corridor of the house, which is located in the existing barn volume ©Frederik Vercruysse

Pascal François said: “When does a house become more then just a space for living? When a space gives you a certain feeling because of its dimensions, a special light, the use of materials, its attitude to the surrounding… we can talk about an added value. Without this added value there is no architecture but just a building.” This striking, well-balanced project displays integrity, without the slightest ambition to be trendy.

▼连接住宅与原有谷仓的廊道空间,the corridor connecting the house and the existing barn ©Frederik Vercruysse

▼廊道内部,interior view of the corridor ©Frederik Vercruysse

▼廊道与室外环境的连接点,the space where people can go into the corridor from the outdoor environment ©Frederik Vercruysse

▼廊道内部细节,interior details of the corridor ©Frederik Vercruysse

▼从室内走廊看向入口廊道,viewing the entrance corridor from the interior corridor ©Frederik Vercruysse

▼室内走廊,采用橡木木材,营造出温馨的氛围,interior corridor, the oak enhances the harmony ©Frederik Vercruysse

▼室内走廊,走廊一侧的落地窗将室外景观引入室内空间,interior corridor, one side is glazed to introduce the natural landscape into the interior space ©Frederik Vercruysse

▼餐厅,设有横向长窗以便观景,the dining room with long horizontal window for natural view ©Frederik Vercruysse

▼透过起居室的落地窗看周边的自然环境,viewing the surrounding landscape through the glazed windows from the living room ©Frederik Vercruysse

▼地下室空间,圆形天窗采光,the underground space with the circular skylights for natural light ©Frederik Vercruysse

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