House in Shinkawa,Sapporo by yoshichika takagi + associates

Large terrace of small house

Project Specs


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Small house


This is a small house with highly heat insulated structure of low cost. The footprint of indoor space is very small, about 53 square meters. The private room on the second floor is an attic like a hiding place. Its small indoor space has advantages such as “construction cost is low,” “easy to clean”, and “utility cost is low.”

▼低成本住宅一楼空间一览,overview of the first floor of the low cost house ©大瀬戸雄大

▼室内空间较小,footprint of indoor space is very small ©大瀬戸雄大

▼ 柜体嵌入墙壁节省空间,cabinets are embedded in the walls to save space ©大瀬戸雄大

▼ 厨房及餐厅,kitchen and living room ©大瀬戸雄大

▼ 厨房上有趣的阁楼空间,spetial attic beyond the kitchen ©大瀬戸雄大

▼ 通向二层阁楼的楼梯,stiars to the attic on the second floor ©大瀬戸雄大

▼ 阁楼结构,construction of the attic second floor  ©大瀬戸雄大

▼ 两个房间对望的小窗,windows fo the two opposite rooms  ©大瀬戸雄大


Large terrace


About 26 square meters of large terrace, which is half of indoor space, has a continuous relationship and a discontinuous relationship with the indoor space at the same time. Continuity contributes to make the small house look spacious, and discontinuity contributes to make indoor space thermal environmentally small. In addition, the role of the terrace changes greatly depending on the season. The window of the living room is open from spring to autumn, which unifies with the terrace and becomes a part of the living room. In winter, it is covered with a transparent film, and the room becomes a greenhouse. It will help to make your life comfortable in winter.

▼ 宽敞的露台,latge terrace  ©大瀬戸雄大

▼ 冬季露台外将覆盖透明的薄膜,成为温室。In winter, the terrace is covered with a transparent film, and the room becomes a greenhouse  ©大瀬戸雄大

▼ 露台与客厅通过落地窗相连,terrace and living room connected by floor-to-ceiling windows  ©大瀬戸雄大

▼ 项目位置,location map  ©高木贵间建筑设计事务所

▼ 平面图,plan  ©高木贵间建筑设计事务所

▼ 剖面,section  ©高木贵间建筑设计事务所

More: 高木贵间建筑设计事务所.  更多关于他们,请至:yoshichika takagi + associates on gooood.


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