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The principal urban development objective of this large-scale pro- ject, the dimensions of which far exceed those of the surrounding fabric, is to ensure the successful integration of the complex into a park-like setting. The use of a traditional courtyard structure is an effective means to this end. A system of five interconnected  blocks enables the 144,000 square-metre property to be broken down into appropriately sized units. The structure of the complex is deter- mined by the individual modules, which function as independent units. This divides the building into clearly recognizable parts and simplifies the internal organisation. This hallmark of the interior can also be discerned in the overall layout of the five blocks. Its determi- ning feature is the varied design of the internal courtyards, one of the purposes of which is to counteract any sense of anonymity and facilitate identification with the architecture.




The emphasis is on achieving as great a degree of normality as possible. The two-storey reception hall radiates spatial clarity and an airy spaciousness. A recurring feature throughout the complex is the continuous reference to the outdoor space. The organisation of the imposing building volume around the courtyards gives rise to intriguing spatial sequences and subtle changes of atmosphere, which give the whole complex a special quality. The homogeneous appearance of the facades with their (Arcadian) message of burden and support serves as a metaphor for the hospital: the comfort of its facilities mitigates the load the patients have to bear. The impressi- on created by the hospital complex, which is framed and filled with greenery, is that of an urban structure of great diversity: a little town with houses and gardens – introverted, but not hermetic; open, but not exposed.

Michelle Corrodi / Gert Walden











Address President Kennedylaan 4
BE, Kortrijk

AZ Groeninge v.z.w. BE, Kortrijk
planning Baumschlager Eberle Vaduz
FL, Vaduz
Osar architects n.v. BE, Antwerpen

project architect Christian Tabernigg Hilde Vermolen Louis Lateur
Bert Van Boxelaere

Christian Hallweger Susanne Bertsch Frank Verschuren Daniela Concin Joachim Ambrosig Stephan Strässle Gauthier Jonville Hanspeter Böhlen

photography Werner Huthmacher
landscape architect CTRL-Z
BE, Gent

building technology Sorane SIA
CH, Lausanne
Lenum AG FL, Vaduz Ingenium n.v. BE, Brugge
structural engineer
Jan Van Aelst
BE, Antwerpen
site area
144.000 m²

total floor area
115.280 m²

area of building
31.460 m²

building volume
489.485 m³
commencement of planning
Juni 2000

commencement of work
Phase 1: 2005 – 2010
Phase 2: 2012 – 2017


building costs Phase 1: 82 Mio EUR
Phase 2: 202 Mio EUR


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